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Turn ideas into a plan to optimise your logistics

You see so many opportunities to optimise logistics operations & supply chain management, but don’t have time to organise ideas and just start?

Think creatively and get a plan during an 8 hour workshop!

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Our workshops for Supply Chain & Logistics Teams are ideal when:

// you feel that you could be delivering better customer experience

// manual processes and fragmentation of information make your team’s capacity stretched to the limits

// you can see the inefficiencies and you want to save your company money

// your team needs to effectively align in terms of challenges, goals and ideas 

// you need a clear plan to convince your Board to invest in logistics 

Developing a roadmap for introduction of the the Supply Chain Visibility Solution in a pharma company

Supply chain processes are crucial for many businesses. But, when managed and executed properly, are rarely first in line to get more investment and Board attention.

That was also the case of our pharma customer. But the Supply Chain Director, seeing the challenges from the inside, decided to work with us to diagnose opportunities and develop business cases for the introduction of new supply chain visibility solutions.

Check how we approached the project.

Just 6 steps away from your optimisation roadmap

Based on your needs, the opportunities mapping workshop can take as little as 8 hours or turn into few sessions throughout a month.

Mapping the process

Mapping the processes with stakeholders involved, together with understanding their challenges, tasks and motivations is a great base for spotting opportunities.

Listing opportunities

You and your team know all the problems and spots for optimisation by heart. This is a moment to express them in a way that can be shared with the Board.

Prioritising challenges

Not all the opportunities are equal. Let’s compare them in terms of potential value. Find the 5-10 best and see how we can use them.

Generating ideas

When we know the challenges, it is time to get creative. At this stage we don’t judge, even unconventional solutions are appreciated.

Assessing ideas

Now it is time to see which ideas bring great gain vs. time and cost. Quick wins is what we search for!

Building a roadmap

It’s time to plan how effects can be obtained fast. With such a roadmap you are ready to convince your Board to let you take the SC to the next level

Have a chat with Natalia

Natalia Pięta is a UX and Innovation Consultant working for customers in logistics, supply chain management, smart transportation, hospitality, healthcare & e-commerce.

If you have a question, she will help you find an answer.

Call her directly   +48 509 804 192  or

Start a new chapter in your supply chain

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Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Request the full case study
Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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