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Visibility in logistics

Free report:
Location tracking devices and their effects on supply chain visibility

We compare the best trackers & sensors to reveal their strengths & limitations.

Expected publication: November 2020

What is it about?

Delays, shocks, temperature fluctuations – are you aware of what exactly happens with your cargo during the shipment? Trackers and IoT sensors revolutionise key industries with real-time data collection and alerting about abnormal circumstances.
Tech and research experts from are conducting rough tests of 5 of the most popular devices for tracking & analysing shipment conditions. We want to find out what the use cases are, how they perform, how data can be used and integrated and what impact it has on your business.


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Which trackers are we testing?

Inside you will find

Performance tests in Europe and Poland

Examples of alerts

API tests and tracking platforms comparison

Experts’ views

Chapters in the report


The value of visibility in supply chain


Shipment tracking. Theory vs reality – how we planned the tests


Physical parameters of the devices – comparision


IoT sensors in the devices – comparision


Data logging – configuration of the devices


Real-time alerts – what’s possible and how to set them up


Shipment tests in Poland – medium distance


Short distance tests in Poland – short distance


Shipment tests in Europe


Tracking platforms comparison


API comparison


Custom vs out-of-the-box solutions

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Industries of interest


Track temperature excursions and shocks during the transportation of medicines
vaccines or medical devices. Get alerts in case of any abnormal conditions.

Food and beverage

Monitor food safety (temperature, humidity, shock) to provide warning of food hazards and quality loss.

Transportation & logistics

Assure full safety of the cargo from point A to point B. Monitor all key performance indicators during the shipment and use data smart to optimise routes, carriers and shipment method.

About and the authors is a tech and business partner for innovative companies. As a company fascinated with technology we provide business consultancy, IT services and custom IT solutions that gives you a competitive advantage.
With the “Location tracking devices and their effect on supply chain visibility” report we are sharing our knowledge about tracking and IoT technology.

Natalia Pięta

Conducts research projects and workshops for PayBack, Publio, ABAX, Utelier and more. +10 years of experience.

Marcin Budny

Constantly looks for and tests technical solutions that help to create effective monitoring and tracking of cargo, assets and shipments.

Jakub Grabny

Conducts complex research and development projects for clients who require deep understanding of tracking technologies. Specialises in IoT solutions.

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