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Cargo hub software

Plan and manage the transportation to and from a cargo hub easily!

Managing gate access, unloading, collection and flow planning all play a key role in a cargo hub. Our software will help you solve capacity issues, navigate the traffic within the hub and notify truck drivers by sms about arrival times and important messages.

Technology used:


  • LPR
  • SMS gateway
  • GPS
  • API integration to existing products

Asset tracking software

Keep an eye on your assets and shipments with the smart asset tracking software.

The software and the use of sensors lets you track your vehicles and cargo on dimensions such as humidity, movement, light changes, temperature and weight. You will even get notified if the tracking dimensions moves out of the ordinary.

Technology used:


  • GPS tracking
  • Sensors
  • API integration

Fleet management software

Gain complete control of all your vehicles and track them live. You can assign the nearest driver to a specific job and your drivers can see their tasks and plan the optimal routes due to a great Google Maps integration.

You can track milage for tax return purposes, analyze driver history and address harsh driving if necessary.

Technology used:


  • GPS tracking
  • IoT units
  • Google Maps

Traffic flow management software

Software that organizes and delegates the traffic of taxies and busses to a transportation hub like an airport.

The software automatically assigns access to the individual taxi company and notify taxi drivers about when he/she is allowed to enter the hub. The system also manages potential fees for entering the facility.

Technology used:


  • LPR
  • GPS tracking
  • System & payment integration

Yard management software

The software manages who enters the facility, delegates time slots for truck drivers and navigate the traffic at the facility.

You can easily take the load off the facility at peak times, bring down the wait time to get in and help truck drivers plan their arrival.

Technology used:


  • LPR
  • RFID technology
  • SMS gateway
  • Dynamic data
  • Device integration

Parking management software

Automate the car and payment flow at the car parking facility.

A scalable software that simplifies the process of entering and leaving the parking lot. The ticketless parking solution uses license plate recognition and automates the payment procedure. Just download the app, enter car registration number and credit card information and the system will take care of the rest for you.

Technology used:


  • LPR
  • IoT
  • Payment integration

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Success story

Yard Management System for the biggest Polish harbor

Gdańsk Harbor could not handle heavy truck traffic. Drivers waited for a long time to enter the port.

→  After the implementing Gdańsk Harbor reduced the average waiting for truck drivers to enter the facility from 4 minutes to 4 seconds!

The system notifies the drivers about when they can enter by SMS, so they no longer spend valuable time waiting to get in.

“Their competences go far beyond IT – they have become an important partner for us (…) They have built an understanding of the project’s domain quickly and efficiently.”
Marcin Osowski

VP Infrastructure, Gdańsk Harbor

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