Hire experts to get recommendations

Software audit

Professional analysis of your software

Maintaining your app code consumes a lot of time and money? Or maybe you have a problem with UX of which you’re not aware?

A team of experienced specialists will help in solving all kind of issues with software. For 4-8 weeks we deep dive into your system’s architecture, code and databases to spot and report all most important challenges and opportunities.

Clear strategy for fixing & boosting your software

We will concentrate on solutions and how to address problems in a timely manner. Introducing suggested changes will help you avoid risks and save money.

Let the professionals audit your software and give you quick, accurate answers!

“Skyrise implemented the partner portal for us, based on a requirement document from start to finish, including QA and UX. I enjoyed their professionalism during all of our encounters.”

Thomas McGuire
Project Manager at Pix4D Germany

“I value their honesty and ability to meet deadlines. If they notice any problems they tell us immediately.”

Bengt Jørgen Olsen
Product Manager at Car Park Technology Company Norway

“Their insight helps us create specific features that better suit our customers.”

Gorm Krogh
Product Owner at Abax Norway

“Skyrise’s role in developing our app is invaluable. They have helped us design and introduce multiple functionalities and make the app user friendly and very modern. They give you even more than you would expect from outsourced development.”

Jakub Krajka
CEO of Ristorio at Ristorio Poland

“Skyrise.tech operates efficiently and consistently exceeds our expectations. The team is willing to learn and understand our business. I see only great results at the end of every stage of our cooperation.”

Bartosz Witczak
Partnership Program Owner at Tpay Poland

What will you get

Architecture and quality review

During the process we check architecture, code and databases. Also if we suspect your product’s problems lie outside the technology, we examine user experience, the business model or processes for better business outcomes.


2-3 specialists with at least 5 years of experience at your disposal. Before we start the project, you meet them and ask all the questions you have. Also after the project ends, you can contact them for additional information for your software audit.

Report with solutions

Take part in presentation by a lead auditor. We'll report recommendations to help your team make the most of the audit. We can also help you implement the strategy and make positive changes.

What it will look like...

A call or a meeting

1-2 hours of your time should be sufficient to start. Just sign an NDA and meet us to discuss what should be done.

Estimation and offer for software audit

1 week is usually sufficient to prepare a general offer. We ask you more questions to specify your goals and priorities, which shape the scope of the audit.

An audit kick-off

We start cooperation with a workshop where we plan an roadmap. This ensures we have access to your team members and work will flow easily

4-8 week audit process

We take care of all the work that needs to be done and report progress on a weekly basis. Depending on the scope, we divide work into parallel technical and UX and other paths...

Report, presentation and answering questions on software audit

Our reports and presentations are consise and well-organized. You get timely and actionable recommendations, and your team members can ask auditors questions - even after the audit ends.

Further cooperation

We take responsibility for the quality of our correction plan. If you need guidance or help in putting recommendations into action, we are here to help.

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