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User Experience  Audit

 Instead of guessing blindly what might be causing your project to fail, check it out with professionals! User Experience audit simply lets you improve the KPIs of your existing projects.

UX audit is a process of discovering weak points of digital products and services. By testing and recognising users’ problems, you can find a way to:

Increase conversions rate

Gain loyal customers

Identify the best and the least performing features

What is UX audit for?

During the audit, our researchers learn what the problem of a given project is. What can be troublesome? For example, registering an account in the application, payments or using support.

Recognising the problem is the first step to improving KPIs.

What can be audited?

  • Applicaitons
  • Digital portals
  • Websites
  • Digital products and services

How do we conduct UX audit?

We conduct audit with two experts

Thanks to this, you get the results faster and they are of high quality

We follow your users to acquire knowledge

For instance, we check forums or stores with mobile applications

We check your product with users

Five users are already enough to find 80% of errors

We step into your client's shoes

We experience what he does and document it in films, notes and presentations

We operate strategically

We work in accordance with the best methodologies

We discuss the results with you

You will receive a comprehensive feedback along with recommendations

What will you receive after the audit?

Each audit is different, but most often our clients get from us data and conclusions as presentations, films, customer journeys, emotion graphs and executive summaries. The next steps are consultation or further cooperation aimed at application/system improvement.

Do any of these issues relate to your project?

  • conversions are low
  • retention is low
  • only some features work but not the ones you would like
  • some metrics are collected but not the ones which give you valuable insights
  • users submit issues but you do not know how to help them

If yes, drop us a line! We will help you discover how to refine your digital product and win your users hearts.

Contact us!

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