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System integrations

Accelerate your business at a low cost by integrating systems, devices and more!

The importance of system integration

In the globally connected world, we need to be able to communicate with each other without any interruptions. The same applies to your company software and hardware.  By connecting and securely sharing information between applications you can automate processes, integrate data sources, save time and increase customer satisfaction by improving visibility.

Experience frictionless workflows

Streamline your processes

Improve efficiency and reduce human error

Influence and control project progress

Thanks to a transparent and well-structured process

Innovate smartly

Integrate systems and technology for better results

Work with one stable team

It is great to be understood with just a few words

Automate tedious tasks

Let people spend time on real challenges

24/7/365 product support

We are always there for you!

How we connect systems?

What and how we connect the systems?

Regardless of the technology and its age, data has to flow between different systems. Modern systems use event-driven protocols (APIs) to exchange data while traditional systems, based on older technology, typically use EDI technology to transfer information. With us, by your side, you are certain that your systems are connected and that data flows uninterrupted between your applications. We connect systems by building REST APIs,  plug-ins and EDI translators to ensure a secure and uninterrupted flow of data.

System integrations in T&L

What do we deliver to transport & logistics?

At we are closely related to the transportation & logistics industry. We develop custom software for transportation & logistics companies and we build secure and stable system integrations that connects your internal systems with your external partners. More on system integrations in transportation & logistics  

System integration examples

Payment providers integrations

Give customers more options to pay for your services and ensure your company an income from different payment operators. We develop error-free payment integrations with special emphasis on security and stability.

case study

The new B2B2C business model

Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk has created a new business model: they sell subscriptions to individual parking users. Our client has adapted the Parkanizer Go application to their needs, integrating Tpay payments.

Hardware and IoT integrations

Integrate hardware or IoT devices into your software to create an intelligent solution that solves real-life problems. We specialize in integrating sensors, beacons, IPR cameras, RFID readers and payment terminals.

case study

Scalable parking system

We created the Sesam Sesam, an innovative parking solution by integrating the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system with web and mobile applications, payment methods, kiosks, and barriers.

Business Intelligence integrations

Combine data provided by various tools in your own BI tool or the BI tool provided by us. We will help you make the right decisions and grow your business faster by delivering great BI integrations.

case study

BI reporting services

We created a possibility to analyze eg. parking lot usage, peak hours, price list, night services and more for Helse Bergen by integrating source data from the Sesam Sesam system to the client’s BI tool.

Data enrichment

The modern world revolves around processing more and more data. We understand that and are capable of supporting your solution with information from external systems.

case study

Taxi verification in the DMR database

Ecology plays an important role in the TSL industry. That is why Scandinavian airports call eco-vehicles to passengers first. To enable that possibility we integrated a taxi ordering system with the Danish Registry of Motor Vehicles database.
“With the software, drivers can register their license plate and credit card numbers through various apps. Afterward, they can drive in and out of parking facilities freely. Once the system reads a registered license plate, the parking barrier opens automatically, and we charge the driver’s card. (…) Skyrise did so well that we decided to collaborate with them for all of our development, testing, and maintenance needs”
Bengt Jørgen Olsen

Product Manager, Sesam Parkering AS

360° & Agile processes to achieve your goals


Initial meetings

Talk about needs and create a roadmap for system integration.


Research (optional)

We share the knowledge about integration possibilities.


Integration process

You see how your solution is developed day by day.



The integration is tested and checked particularly in terms of security and stability.



Once public you take the full advantage of system integration.

Let’s have a chat about your product

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