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Service design

Looking for a way to digitise in-house processes? Our service design experts know all about defining value and how to spread it onto software products.

Solve challenges with service design

// Validate if your idea or product fulfills user needs

// Check what to improve in a solution to sell more

// Design your product to be (more) user-friendly

// Better understanding of the end-user 

// Ensure better usability of your products and services

Service design phases


Defining product vision and strategy


Research & User Analysis


Ideation workshops (check it here!)




Testing and software validation


MVP development or iterations

Business outputs & outcomes of service design

Research & User Analysis

Outputs: data sets, personas, empathy maps, design suggestions, solution comparisons, benchmarking canvas

Outcomes: better understanding of stakeholders and the market to inform design decisions based on facts, not hunches

Ideation workshops

Outputs: solution Sketches, Business Model Canvas, scenarios, storyboards & more.

Outcomes: multiple creative ideas generated to address business and market needs, and the best of them chosen to be turned into the design

Design phase & prototyping

Outputs: user flows shown with clickable mockups, simple landing pages, wizard-of-Oz versions of the service and other types of prototypes

Outcomes: smart and agile prototypes enable fast validation of the product idea by the target users or customers

Validation & iteration phases

Outputs: smart and agile prototypes enable fast validation of the product idea by the target users or customers

Outcomes: the product or service closer to market needs, mitigated risk of product failure and clearer view of what should be done next

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Release the power of your ideas, products and services at design workshops!

Service design case study

#workshops  #healthcare

How Medim saved +12 months in time to market – the benefits of Google Design Sprint method

During the workshops Medim pivoted the initial idea and concentrated on another, more viable solution.

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