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Research, data and facts to support your business decisions

Not knowing market needs and possibilities slows down your business. But our experts gather the data for you to accelerate your growth pace.

Make the right decision based on facts and recommendations.

To answer your questions we use different types & techniques of research

Will customers buy my product?

We conduct eg.: Market Research & Business Analysis, Experiment & Idea Validation

How to be ahead of my competition?

We conduct eg.: Competition Research & Analysis, Co-creation of workshops, Technical Research

When is my software product good enough?

We conduct eg: User Needs Research & Analysis, User Testing, User Panels, Ethnographic Research

First step: a workshop to map your requirements

A software validation project is kicked off with a workshop where we map requirements, ideas and get an understanding of your challenges.

Soon after, you receive a report with recommendations and a timeline on how to proceed with the work.

We deliver answers to your questions in the most suitable form: report with an executive summary, presentation, personas, matrix or relevant.

Case story.
Benefits of working with us!

#workshops  #healthcare

+12 months saved in time to market – the benefits of Google Design Sprint method
During the workshops Medim pivoted the initial idea and concentrated on another, more viable solution.

#blog  #ux research

We created perfect CSM for Customer Support by asking simple questions
Spotting how employees work with the old system opened up our eyes for their real needs.

#logistics  #transport

Partnership with city guards helped us to save weeks of app development
Thanks to end-users we just reshaped an existing analytic panel, instead of developing a complex app

Your business consultants

Anna Kamieniak

UX team leader

Tutor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Teaches digital and interactive disciplines: RWD, prototyping, and validates with real users.Conducts research projects and workshops for PayBack, Publio, ABAX, Utelier and more. +10 years of experience.

Tomasz Woźniak

 VP of Operations

Crafts beautiful and intuitive visuals. Worked for POLIN Museu, NOSPR, Silesian Muzeum, Warsaw University, and more.

Przemysław Machlowski

Lead Business Analyst

Responsible for conducting complex projects from the BA side. Worked with ABAX, Port of Gdańsk  & others.

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Download the full case study
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