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Real-time data processing
for IoT solutions)

Guide your project towards a reactive system by processing streams of data from your IoT devices.

Running a successful business requires making important decisions. More often than not, you need them fast, and you need them now, which means you need access to real-time data.

We develop systems that provide you with information as the events happen, so you can make proper insight-driven decisions. With a complete service of consultancy, design, development and tests, you get a powerful data processing solution.

Enabling new efficiency level
of your IoT solution

Data streams sent from devices, services, sensors, or applications are difficult to process, analyse, and secure. In addition, they require immediate action or attention, meaning that they are relevant at the very moment they appear. To access the full potential of your solution, you need to choose the right development paradigm. 

The real-time approach can be a boost for your business. But at the same time, it can bring more complexity. 

Experts from will show you the options you have. It can be a real-time processing solution or something completely different  evaluation is the key to your success. 

Tailoring the processing model

Do you know which stream processing platform to use? Or how to implement system to get the insights you care about the most? 

There are several ways we can approach implementing real-time data processing to your solution. We talk over every detail and deliver you a fitting, well-tested model to get the best results. 

Some of the technologies we use:
Actor model (Microsoft Orleans, Proto.Actor), 
Data streaming (
Kafka, Azure Event Hub).

Supporting your goals

At the end of the day, real-time data processing is about improving your business. Whether you deliver personalized experiences with IoT and a mobile app or create a revolutionary business model like our clients, we are here to help. is a part of Etteplan, a Finnish engineering company. Together with our colleagues from Denmark, Sweden, the USA, China, the Netherlands, and Finland, we are a team of 3,400 specialists ready to add value to your project. 

Our priority is to keep the highest quality standards because at the centre of our attention was and always will be our client – you.

Consult your solution!

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