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Phase: Product & Service design

Create a premium-class
experiences and services

Looking for new ways to boost sales or improve in-house processes? Our Product & Service Design experts know all about value defining and how to spread it on the digital products.

Solve your business
challenges with
Product & Service Design

// Validate if your idea or product fulfills users needs

// Check what to improve in a solution to sell more

// Design your product to be (more) user-friendly

// Understand better who the end-user of your product really is

// Ensure better usability of your products and services


Thanks to’s support, the internal team was able to pivot their initial idea to concentrate on another, more viable solution.

Karol Kuś
Project Manager at Medim

Product & Service Design 


1. Defining product vision and strategy

2. Research & User Analysis

3. Creative Ideation workshops

4. Design

5. Testing and Product Validation

6. MVP development or iterations

Business outputs & outcomes 

of the service

& User Analysis

Outputs: data sets, personas, empathy maps, design suggestions, solution comparisons, benchmarking canvas

Outcomes: better understanding of stakeholders and the market to inform design decisions based on facts, not hunches

Ideation workshops

Outputs: solution Sketches, Business Model Canvas, scenarios, storyboards & more.

Outcomes: multiple creative ideas generated to address business and market needs, and best of them picked to be turned into the design

Design phase
& prototyping

Outputs: user flows shown with clickable mockups, simple landing pages, wizard-of-Oz versions of the service and other types of prototypes

Outcomes: smart and agile prototypes enable fast validation of the product idea the target users or customers

Validation & iteration phases

Outputs: smart and agile prototypes enable fast validation of the product idea the target users or customers

Outcomes: the product or service closer to market needs, mitigated risk of product failure and clearer view of what should be done next

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They did the job perfectly. They deliver high-end user experience and connect data, technology and art.

Jakub Krajka
CEO at Ristorio

Our toolbox

As designers we use variety of tools & soft competences to obtain valuable information first.

Basing on data we deliver thrilling solutions with user at their heart.

Here are some examples of what design tolls and methods we use on a daily basis.

Online surveys
User & Usability Tests
Competetive Research
User Analysis
Contextual inquiry
User Journey Mapping
User Needs Analysis
Design Sprint

blog post

What is the ROI of UX design? 5 unobvious business benefits

Marta Haida
Jul 1, 2017 | 4 min read

Real-life stories.
See what our clients gained


1-day workshop was enough to
spot users’ unmet needs. The
client changed the initial product.

During a 1-day workshops we discovered
what users really wanted and how to earn
money with this knowledge.

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They provided a full scope of services and understood how to lead an effective project.

Wojciech Drewczyński
Director at Black Pearls VC


3 groundbreaking interviews
for the project. Instead of
mobile, users preferred web

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Meet the designers who will
navigate your success

Anna Kamieniak

UX Team Leader

Tutor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Teaches digital and interactive disciplines: RWD, prototyping, and validating with real users.

Katarzyna Leśniok

Product Designer

Crafts beautiful and intuitive visuals.Worked for POLIN Museu, NOSPR, Silesian Muzeum, Warsaw University, and more.

Natalia Pięta

Service & Product Designer

Conducted research projects and workshops for PayBack, Publio, ABAX, Utelier and more. +10 years of experience.

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