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Product design

Product design requires cross-cutting skills. Working with us gives you a well-verified product idea and a detailed plan for your product launch.  

a woman creating product design with a marker on a whiteboard

What you get when working with us

Market research & user analysis

To lay the groundwork for your project, we start with market research and analysis of users’ needs and behaviour. Allow you to fully understand your users and make sure the future solution meets their needs.

Ideation and product design sprints

Together, we come up with as many ideas as possible, later to choose the best ones and plan the development. Read more on our ideation services and workshops here.

Prototyping and validation

All the ideas and assumptions need to be validated before we start working on them. To do that, we build quick prototypes to validate them and turn them into data based on which we can make decisions.

UX & UI design

Through usability tests, user journey mapping, UX review, illustrations, interfaces and design library, we create a comprehensive database of all necessary information regarding how the final product needs to behave and look like.

Our product design process


Defining product vision and strategy


Research & User Analysis


Ideation workshops


Product design


Testing and Product Validation


MVP development or iterations

We support your product-market fit through:

// A market verification of your idea

// A better understanding of user’s needs

// Validation of business and technical assumptions

// UI design & technical architecture

// Implementation plan

laptop with a product dashboard on the screen

Product design case study

two women in masks working in a lab and looking at vials

#workshops  #healthcare

How Medim saved +12 months in time to market – the benefits of Google Design Sprint method

During the workshops Medim pivoted the initial idea and concentrated on another, more viable solution.

Karol Kuś

Project Manager, Medim

“We chose to work with based on their experience with Google Design Sprint and a very good attitude towards clients with not fully specified needs. […] Thanks to’s support, the internal team was able to pivot their initial idea to concentrate on another, more viable solution.”

Interested in our product design services?

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Ideation services

We help you align the creative process with market needs.

Web app development

With an agile approach, we deliver an MVP of a web app within weeks. 

Mobile app development

We design and develop amazing native apps for Android and iOS.

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Download the full case study
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Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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