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Mobile app development

We research, design and develop mobile apps that are truly valuable to your users and customers. 

The world is on the move. Join it!

The unbeaten convenience

Complex systems turned into simple mobile apps

Influence and control project progress

A transparent and well-structured process

Mobile apps users will love

Designers & developers who know how to succeed

Work with one stable team

It is great to be understood with just a few words

Innovation on your wrist

Use the power of wearables and smart devices

24/7/365 product support

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Mobile development to fit your requirements

iOS development

Bringing an iOS app to the market is not that easy. You need to know about development languages and frameworks, understand what your competitors are doing, and, most importantly, you need to be realistic about your timeline.

Our researchers, designers and mobile app developers make sure that you launch a beautiful and functional mobile app within time and budget.


case study

Vehicle tracking app for ABAX

For ABAX, we developed a complete fleet management and vehicle tracking system that also includes a mobile app that tracks mileage for tax return purposes and lets drivers plan the most optimal routes.

Android app development

Let’s develop a groundbreaking Android application that your users and customers will love!

With our trusted team of researchers, designers and mobile app developers, you are to launch a beautiful and functional mobile app within time and budget.


case study

Fleet management software for ABAX

For ABAX, we developed their product Triplog which gives full control over all your vehicles, and with the connected mobile app, drivers can plan routes and see their daily tasks.

Cross-platform app development

You need a mobile app working on both iOS and Android, but don’t want to maintain two codebases? Look no further! We are highly experienced in Google’s Flutter technology which natively compiles applications from a single codebase.

With Flutter technology, we are capable of developing your  cross-platform mobile app so it is functional, beautiful and is brought to the market fast.

case study

Car park booking app developed with Flutter

Share by Parkanizer is a mobile app for iOS and Android developed with Flutter technology. The app revolutionises the way companies manage their parking spaces. The app allow employees to book an available space and share their spot with others.

Apps for wearables and IoT devices

Deliver an application for wearables or smart devices (IoT) and outsmart your competitors with new technology!

Turn your idea into an innovative app which you can wear or access through a smart device.


→ We will help you with the right choice of technology.

case study

Task management app for Apple Watch

Companies using Entre Worker can easily and immediately communicate with physical employees via Apple Watch.

Support & Maintenance

We have brought your product to the market. What’s next? We can manage the full support and maintenance of your software product.
“They’re an absolute delight to work with—warm, caring, thoughtful, and smart.”
Patrina Mack

CEO, YouROK Corp.

360° & Agile processes to achieve your goals


Initial meeting

We talk about your needs and create a roadmap for solution development.


Analysing & Prototyping

The phase of creating the first working version of your app.


Design, Development & Test

We deliver the solution and verify it’s behaviours.



We check if everything is done well according to your vision.



We help you create the content to submit your solution to Google Play and AppStore.

Let’s have a chat about your product

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