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Minimum Viable Product

Work smart, not hard! Products can cost you time and money if unverified. With Minimum Viable Product, you get insights from real users to drive your success.

A shortcut for business

Building the Minimum Viable Product is the fastest way to gather knowledge about your product. You set a hypothesis, we build the product with the core feature and then we test the product with real users.

In return, you get information essential to further develop your product: does the product fit users’ needs, what features should it have, what the users do not need, etc.

Get users’ feedback

Use the MVP to test your product hypotheses. The initial form of the product, consistent with the business assumption, is not always valuable for users.

The greatest value of the MVP is feedback from users who will tell you directly what they will pay for and what not.

With MVP you can test both, small ideas and big projects.

Advantages of Minimum Viable Product

Product tested with minimal resources

Learning phase accelerated

No wasted capital and time

Product consulted with real users

A base for other product

Risk of a success/failure assessed

Just five weeks from start to first tests!

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The first version of the Patients4Patients mobile app was developed in just 1 month. Do you know where the secret to such a fast development lays?

How we work over Minimum Viable Product


We gather your requirements and questions during a dedicated workshop


With a tailored verification and validation offer we collect the knowledge for you


We share the results with you and your team

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