Are you looking for an agile team?

Let’s provide you with one!

Looking for an Agile team?

We can provide you with one! Our dedicated team has everything necessary to provide you with a well-tested and ready-to-launch product. We work using both Scrum and Kanban to guarantee functionality and stability at every stage of your product’s development.

We are continuously learning.

IT is constantly developing, and so are we. Even though we consist of a team of experts, we regularly participate in workshops and seminars to learn more. This allows us to provide you with the fastest and newest solutions available!

What will you get

The possibility to improve and innovate constantly.

Everything from a wearable app to an enterprise system.

An internal Skyrise owner

to help you during the process and work management.

A workplan

and dedicated team with a UX specialist.

The product

that is changing as fast as you want.

What it will look like...

A call or a meeting

to set needs and timeline.

A workshop

to shape your idea.


Transparent and agile work process

communication rules are flexible (usually we use jira, and regular standups).

Possibility to constantly innovate with your digital products.

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