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Dedicated workshops

Discover new things on our dedicated workshops about your business to save money on development. Our experts will guide you towards innovative ideas, happy customers and effective solutions.

Dedicated workshops - ideation workshops

Ideation workshops

Are you looking for a new business opportunity or a smart solution to your clients’ problems?

During ideation workshops, we will generate the maximum number of ideas using proven ideation techniques and choose and assess the best among them.

Your business will head in the right direction in no time!

Dedicated workshops - innovation workshops

Innovation workshop

Skyrise’s team created innovation workshops for ambitious companies that are not afraid of challenges.

Let us explore the potential of your employees and market to scale up your success.

If you are looking for a way to increase revenues, reduce costs or find new business models – these workshops are for you.

Dedicated workshops - design sprint workshops

Google Design Sprint

Together with design sprint experts, you will define the challenges, generate and assess ideas, and build and test an app or service prototype.

From chaos and an abundance of information, you will get the best working solution of your idea ready for further development.

Use these workshops to quickly validate your idea.

Ideation and research case study

The benefits of dedicated workshops - Medim's case study

#google-design-sprint #verification

How Medim saved +12 months in time to market – the benefits of dedicated workshops

We checked if Medim’s idea for a business had a chance for success. During our workshops we found out that they needed a 180° change in business approach to win their market.

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Download the full case study
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Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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