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Supply Chain Visibility

Tracking technology is fundamental for your supply chain visibility. With this guide, you will understand IoT, RFID, BLE and other technologies that impact goods’ tracking and tracing.


Our researchers and R&D specialists investigate tracking technologies and current trends. In those ebooks, we gathered their knowledge.

Tracking technologies for logistics

Optimise your logistics, costs and working time with technology. In this e-book, we have described technologies and cases for asset, fleet and shipment tracking.

Tracking devices for logistics

Logistics professionals have their priorities: uninterrupted data transfer and the current location and status of the shipment known. We tested 5 tracking devices under various conditions to find out which perform best.

Logistics trends for 2020-2025

Innovations and trends are a big part of our reality. Follow the market leaders, DHL, Comarch or Volvo and discover their strategies to building new business models.


We talk to experts about success creation in the logistics industry.

How to master supply chain visibility

Experts from Kizy Tracking, Logmore, Longsoe systems and discussed the differences in tracking technologies. Referring to real-life case studies, they talked about how to optimize company costs in terms of logistics.

Customer experience in the last-mile delivery

Marek Różycki from Last Mile Experts, Ian Kerr, author at Post & Parcel and Maciej Lukas from, were talking about the solutions utilised in last-mile delivery.

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