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PIX4D Fusion
– a case study of digitalising the agriculture

Pix4D case study shows that technology can change an industry outlook. It is just a matter of one’s perspective. Learn how we created CRM and web portal for UAVs franchise.

For some, farmlands are big sets of data

Our client provides photogrammetric technologies services. In other words, Pix4D uses drones to map surfaces. The company came up with a revolutionary idea for farmers: they can control crops condition with a drone’s camera. As a result, developed CRM and web portal for the UAVs franchise. And we delivered solutions in just 3 months!
“Skyrise implemented the partner portal for us, based on a requirement document from start to finish, including QA and UX. I enjoyed their professionalism during all of our encounters.”
Thomas McGuire

Project Manager, Pix4D

Pix4D case study overview

The challenge

  💡 To unlock the client’s ability to sell services in a franchise model.


→  We created Pix4D Fusion

It is a membership program settled on a web platform. It gives franchisees access to drone technology. Pix4D Fusion connects the dots between a comfortable web application for end-users and a fully managed cloud tool for admins.

Ready in 3 months

At the same time, we were developing the back-end and front-end. Therefore, solutions were delivered so quickly.

Cloud solution

We hosted the solution in the AWS cloud. It is the most popular and largest cloud in the world.

Perfectly designed flow

Franchisees and franchisors use the portal. Both parties received an intuitive and easy to manage product.

360° software service

We took care of our client comprehensively. From business analysis to post-implementation service.

The connection

Pix4D case study shows that is it possible to connect needs of 3 different user groups. But in order to create functionality, we analysed them separately. In the end, our designers combined it into one.

Improvement for users

Above all, Pix4D Fusion helps to make farmers decisions about their crops.

General background for Pix4D case study

Cultivated fields are large data sets

Modern farmers eagerly use drones to map their lands and enlarge their cultivation options. No one sees crop fields as just stones and soil anymore. With the image-based technology and UAVs, they are seen as huge data sets. By studying them, farmers gain invaluable knowledge about what is hidden above and below the surface of the earth. As a result, they plan their crops wisely, take care of their health and maximise profits from sales. Pix4D knows the importance of a holistic approach to agriculture. That is why the company has created the proper tools for both, farmers and business partners who work directly with UAVs renting.

Our approach

The scope of work

What we needed to do to deliver the solution in just 3 months?

To help Pix4D achieving a success we delivered:
  • Business analysis service
  • UX services
  • Full project documentation creation
  • Back-end & front-end development services
  • QA services
  • Implementation service

Business analysis & project documentation creation

How to digitalize agriculture?

What UAV fleet does the customer have? When and how do farmers use drones? What risk do the platform participants take on? What return on investment do Pix4D customers expect?

We conducted business analysis activities to find answers to hundreds of questions.

Then, we described the client’s requirements and the expectations of the platform’s recipients in the documentation. The documentation was developed throughout the project.

Best user experience for each stakeholder

How to make agriculture become high-tech?

On the one hand, there is our client. A global leader who employs engineers, R&D researchers, scientists and photogrammetry specialists to cross the next technological boundaries. The company helps to develop the most important industries from the economic point of view. On the other hand, there is a farmer. The modern farmer is progressive and willingly adapts to new trends. So what should it look like and what functionality should the portal for franchisees have who work with farmers all the time? Should it simply be a mirror image of the world of technology and nature? Our UX designers knew that it would not be enough. In other words, it was necessary to find a way for a high-tech agriculture showcase.
Tables of inspiration
Simple interfaces with an intuitive flow
Consistent elements
Key brand elements

Software development and testing

What did the work on the human-centered web portal look like?

Pix4D Fusion was to be released before spring. This undertaking required a lot of commitment from us and only the work in a trusted, well-integrated team could guarantee success. The project was developed simultaneously on the front and backend. For value improvement, we used e.g., 5 amigos meetings. But not only.
“What we did was much more intense testing. We performed automatic tests, design tests, retests, documentation tests, regression tests and more!”
Joanna Tyka

QA engineer,

PIX4D case study - 5 amigos meetings

Delivery process


Business analysis

& creation of business requirements


User Interface designs


Front and back-end development

Simultaneous with testing


Continuous testing

 In the smallest possible iterations


A web portal and CRM launch

Tech stack in Pix4D’s case study

UX / UI      

The final outcome


→  Business partners can generate profits with Pix4D Fusion

It is as simple as creating an offer for a farmer. When he accepts it, an invoice is prepared and a sales report generated.


→ Managing the franchise network and corporate events is easy

Featuresof the calendar, franchise database, interaction log and more make the solution user-friendly. In addition, we created a report module to make it even more useful.


There is a “three amigos” method used when creating user stories. But – due to the very short project submission time – we made our own adaptation of this method and gave 5 amigos perspective to the client! This significantly accelerated and facilitated the work, because each of the 5 amigos cleared up the tasks to be performed.

About the client

Pix4D is one of the largest providers of surface mapping services for drones. Our client since 2011 develops modern photogrammetric technologies (reproduction of shapes, sizes and mutual location of objects in the field based on photos). In 2019, they mapped over 570,000 km2 for the agricultural, education, public safety, surveying, construction, and mining industries.

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Download the full case study
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Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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