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Supporting the disruption of a $7 billion market transformed Hi Tech Mobility game-changing idea into a SaaS solution that enables a ticket-free parking experience.

About Hi Tech Mobility

The people behind Hi Tech Mobility have been developing and optimising mobility solutions for tolling, ferries and parking management since 2002. After many years of developing and operating roadside and toll collection systems, they realised that the technology had finally reached a point where it could fullfil their vision of the future of developing smart mobility solutions.

The challenge

Imagine that you park your car in every car park without any tickets and pay for parking exactly the same way you pay for Spotify or Netflix. Having experience in toll collection, Hi Tech Mobility wanted to revolutionise the smart parking industry.

The goal was to develop and deploy a fully ticket-free parking system taking the drivers’ parking experience to the next level.’s approach to Hi Tech’s game-changing idea

It all started in 2013 when took full technical responsibility for Hi Tech Mobility’s idea. To this day, we are responsible for business analysis, design, system architecture, planning, development and quality assurance of the upcoming features.

The cooperation started with ideation activities consisting of a wide scope of business and technical workshops. We worked closely with the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer on the client’s side to determine the roadmap and functionality landscape for the project and carefully picked the MVP scope.

The MVP of Sesam Sesam was deployed to the first car park in Bergen, Norway, in just 3 months. It introduced ticket-free parking to the market, providing automatic recognition of vehicles’ license plates and handling all critical information around car park visits.

Access control enhanced with machine learning and deep learning built a custom backend system to handle vehicle entries and exits based on automatic license plate recognition. It determines car park visit and payments. The system had to be ready to process high volumes of data. In 2020, it was enhanced with machine learning algorithms together with deep learning models to classify vehicle movement

Automatic payment process 

In order to introduce a fully automatic payment process known from modern subscription-based platforms, integrated Sesam Sesam with PayEx, a leading Scandinavian credit card payment operator. The integration  provided mobile app payments,  post-visit web payments, integrated kiosk payments, and payments through Easy Park and ParkLink mobile apps.

Redesigned customer support

In addition to the development of the system, we are responsible for support and maintenance, which include reporting on performance and managing the 2nd line support.

Due to the rapid growth of the user base and the general usage of the solution (more than 1 million parking visits monthly), we had to revisit the customer support process. The customer support web app has been redesigned by interviewing and studying user behaviour and improving their experience. We redesigned the way Hi Tech Mobility handles 1st line support as well. 

Enhanced parking enforcement

With the rapid expansion of the solution in the Scandinavian markets, Hi Tech Mobility noticed the need to deal with parking enforcement. They asked to develop a tool to easily manage tasks of the parking enforcement officers. designed and built an enforcement mobile app with a built-in OCR (Optical Char Recognition) scanning library,. The app, called Sesam Eye, helps parking enforcement officers keep an eye on all cars parked, and in case of a problem with the license plate recognition (e.g., due to heavy snow), take manual actions.

Maximalize revenue

In 2018, Hi Tech Mobility clients were looking for ways to increase revenue in non-rush hour periods.

As a result, we implemented a Sesam Guest app that enabled parking facilities owners to enter agreements with other companies and rent out the parking space on different terms. This allowed to increase revenue during slow periods when parking lots were not heavily occupied. 

The solution

Sesam Sesam is a SaaS solution built on Microsoft Azure cloud service. 

The system integrates with many devices such as license plate recognition cameras, barriers, induction loops, sensors, VMS (Variable Message Sings), payment kiosks, etc., to gather and process the data and provide the information to the car park visitors.  

Hi Tech Mobility’s comprehensive solution automates the entire parking process – from facility management to the end-user. The system allows different case scenarios to happen and automates them thanks to integrations with external apps and hardware. Sesam Sesam has not only revolutionised parking in Norway but continues to do so until this day. is Hi Tech Mobility’s preferred tech partner that ensures the proper technical development of the whole solution. 

Tech stacks 

The scope of work

Ideation services & workshops
Product design
UI design
Backend system
Web app development
Mobile app development
API development
Hardware integrations
Third-party software integrations
Microsoft Azure hosting
Support and maintenance

Sesam Sesam in numbers

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Bengt Jorgen Olsen

CTO, Hi Tech Mobility

“Skyrise’s software has received numerous accolades for its convenience and the end-user experience. […] They communicated clearly, met deadlines, and produced strong deliverables through the project. I value their honesty, if they notice any problems, they tell us immediately”

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Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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