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For Hantverksdata we designed and developed the solution Entré which is a project management system that makes a difference in the way 10 000 construction workers manage their everyday tasks.

The Challenge

We were given the task to provide Hantverksdata with a world-class project planning, resource management, and documentation handling system that could  for their customers.

Summary of OUR work

iOS and Android mobile app for workers

Continues support and maintenance

Project management web app

Microsoft Azure Microservices

Complete UX / UI design

Apple watch app prototype

THE Solution

Entré is a project management and time registration system that enables project managers to track location of employees and plan and keep track of construction and renovation projects and manage effectively employees, sub-contractors and physical resources.


Web app

Mobile app

Apple watch app pilot

Project management

Azure Microservices

UX / UI Design

companies are using the system

Available in 2 languages

workers are using Entré Worker mobile app

Key features of Entré

Task management

The project manager can create a project and manage and assign tasks.

Real- time work control

The app makes communication between the project manager and workers easier by notifying about the most important actions connected with active tasks.

Time registration

The worker gets the list of tasks and can register time.

Manage payments

The worker’s salary is based on their work logs and salary is automatically calculated in the system.


GPS data is used to identify the workers’ location.

Report and analytics

Custom reports, project documentation and health and safety measures.

Applied technologies

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Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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