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Boosting CX of one of the fastest-growing telematics solutions in Europe

ABAX case study is an example of focusing on clients with great results. We enhanced the company’s tracking platform to provide real-time data and visibility of assets worldwide.

About ABAX 

Our client is a telematics company offering a SaaS application for tracking and managing fleet and assets. The application combines GPS, IoT and Bluetooth tracking devices with a great customer experience of the managerial web-based applications. 

What was the challenge faced by ABAX?

What did the company need to improve? An existing solution that was responsible for vehicles, machines, containers and assets management. turned out to be the perfect match for that task. We have extensive knowledge and experience in integrating and developing IoT, GSM & GPS tracking and cloud and solutions.

Our approach to ABAX

The idea was to deliver two mobile applications. One for managers and one for employees. As a result, they would solve the problem of not having a clear overview of what is happening to each vehicle and asset at any given time.

Refactoring & feature extension

In order to provide modern end-user applications, we refactored the existing system. Moreover, we extended it with components and developed new features. Therefore, to handle the complexity of the existing backend system, we built an API facade over it along with an OpenID Connectbased authentication

Securing top quality and excellent customer experience

The development team delivered UX and UI design, as well as full project documentation. Secondly, we delivered the back-end development and mobile app development for iOS and Android. Finally, our experts also worked on front-end development for developers’ portal, QA services and the implementation service.

Technologies used

Mobile app development
Web development
API development
Google Maps services integrations
Integrations with various ERP and HR systems

The solution

Skyrise’s team delivered two mobile applications for iOS and Android: ABAX Driver and ABAX Admin. Managers and drivers can track and manage the fleet. They do it in real-time from their smartphones.

For business owners and fleet managers, we created ABAX Admin. It lets them check live statuses of vehicles (parked, idle or driving), view trip history and replay trips.

ABAX Driver, on the other hand, is an app for drivers in the same fleet. To clarify, drivers can modify trips, send reports to admins, or check car location when parked. Moreover, they learn about their driving style and get suggestions for optimisations to increase productivity. Finally, they find out how to reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs. also delivered the ABAX Open API together with the Developer’s portal. This API is a base for the ABAX Admin app.

Above all, the ABAX case study shows how important it is to take care of your customer experience (CX).

Tech stacks 

ABAX Triplog in numbers

km of trips tracked daily

Pay Per Use agreements

users of ABAX Driver app

rating of the iOS ABAX Admin app

How does ABAX Triplog help?

// Know the exact location of each vehicle with real-time tracking

// Plan the optimal routes (Google Maps integration)

// Track driving behaviour and increase productivity

// Trackback employees’ journeys

// Limit risk associated with theft and accidents

// Reduce fuel consumption

// Claim mileage for tax return purposes

// Managers and drivers communicate easily through the apps

About us is a part of Etteplan, a Finnish engineering company. Together with our colleagues from Denmark, Sweden, the USA, China, the Netherlands and Finland, we are a team of 3,400 specialists ready to add value to your project.

A priority for us is to keep the highest quality standards because at the centre of our attention was and always will be our client – you.

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