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Projects we are proud of

For years now, we have been delivering high-quality solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Find out more about the projects we did.


Port of Gdańsk

Yard management and scheduling system



Project management and time tracking system using  MS Azure Microservices



Desk and parking spot booking system built on a MS Azure tenant environment


Hi Tech Mobility

Complex ticket free parking system and app

Other high-quality projects



A Flutter mobile application for patients with chronic illnesses. An MVP developed in just one month!


Medim: Google Design Sprint

See how we helped Medim to validate an idea for a new SaaS, save 12+ months in time to promote and enter the market faster with the right product.


Pix4D: digitalizing the agriculture

The Pix4D Fusion helps UAVs franchisees to manage the business processes while working with farmers. The CRM and web portal covers creating offers, invoicing, reporting and event management.


Ristorio: mobile POS system for restaurants

Ristorio is a mobile all-in-one tool for managers, waiters, and cooks. It simplifies collecting orders, running the kitchen, storing the sales documentation and splitting the bills.

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