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Everyday parking experience made predictable and easy with an awarded Parkanizer app ecosystem.

Smart Parking and IoT project

iOS and Android mobile application

A product eco-system

Seamless and mobile access control


We have learned that almost 30% of traffic in popular city districts is generated by drivers cruising for parking. They waste time, fuel, and money, and their cars are a significant source of smog, which is a huge issue in Polish cities.


In 2015, Skyrise developed Parkanizer to reduce the need for cruising for parking by building an efficient parking information system that shows drivers where their cars can currently be parked.

Today, Parkanizer is a product eco-system which helps drivers search for and pay for parking spaces, far beyond the first scope.


Parkanizer Live

Parkanizer Go

Parkanizer Share


Polish client

A product eco-system

Smart parking / IoT

Qlik Sense and PowerBI

Payment integration


usage of short-term parking zones in Tarnowskie Góry city


drivers park their cars due to Parkanizer in general

Key characteristics

Complex solution meeting the needs of different stakeholders of the system

Effective integration with a wide range of technologies and devices

Payment collection integrated with

Multiple R&D endeavours

Full responsibility for all aspects of the product

User friendly interfaces

Finding a vacant parking spot with Parkanizer Live 

First, the challenge was addressed with system deployments in five Polish cities: Piekary Śląskie, Tarnowskie Góry (Short Term Parking Zone), Toruń, Katowice, and Chorzów. Sensors were mounted on each parking spot and the communication infrastructure was set in the city area, creating an IoT network.

At the same time, Parkanizer released a mobile app for Android and iOS that shows the drivers the availability of each parking spot in real-time, so they can decide if it is worth searching for a vacant parking spot along certain streets and parts of them. City guards and car park area operators were fitted with a tool which helps them monitor the condition of each parking space.

Using Parkanizer Live

1. Search

A driver searches for vacant spaces and begins his journey.

2. Park

He finds the most convenient spot.

3. Leave

He is notified when he should leave the spot

Time-limited zones under control

1. Overview

City guards have an overview of the areas covered with sensors

2. Notifications

They receive alerts i.e. due to an overstay

3. Dispatch

They dispatch an enforcement patrol

Share by Parkanizer

We have looked at a city and soon came to the realisation that a great deal of parking problems in Polish towns are created by employees commuting to their workplaces by car. We discovered how inefficient the utilisation of parking spots is – up to 35% of them stay vacant every day even though they are all leased by companies.

Assessing the untapped potential of office buildings’ parking spots

1. Book 

The emloyees book the parking spots when it’s needed.

2. Share 

Employee who has assigned the parking spot can share it when he’s out of office.

3. Manage 

Manage the parking spots in one place.

Parkanizer Go

The parking subscription shop deployed in the Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, one of biggest office centres in Poland, was designed and developed to boost the user experience of the parking process. All transactions are done online and access to the car park is automated with the use of license plate recognition and mobile technology to the point where it is seamless for the driver.

Online purchase

1. Purchase

A driver buys a parking subscription online and receives an electronic invoice

2. Enter

A few seconds after the purchase he can enter the car park without stopping

Online control

1. Statistics

The car park owner controls the usage of the car park live

2. Adjustment

He adjusts the sales process to his needs and strategy

User-centered design at its best

As we have approached all of the development challenges within the framework of user-centred design, we concentrated on user journeys and got inspired by this holistic approach in many aspects of our digital parking service creation.

We also paid significant attention to research with users – we have conducted in-car usability tests of the Parkanizer mobile app with drivers, which helped us redesign the app and decide which functionalities we should work on next. 

Applied technologies

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