For over 5 years we have delivered offshore software development services for customers from Scandinavia and Central Europe (i.a. Norway, Denmark, Austria). We work on development of parts of software, as well as whole systems, web applications and iOS and Android mobile apps.

We cooperate with our customers based on different models of IT outsourcing – from simply programming sets of system features on demand to creating dedicated software development teams that are responsible for the full scope of the project.

We not only offer the services of talented software developers, but also outsourcing of a UX and graphic design, as well as business analysis and IT consulting services. Our goal is to build long term win-win partnerships with our customers.


IT outsourcing for big enterprises and small companies

We know from experience that small and medium sized business, as well as start-ups, may also benefit from IT outsourcing. At Skyrise we can help them not only by reducing their IT costs, but also by giving them access to new or specialised technologies.

We have gained our expertise in mobility solutions, intelligent transportation systems, access control, payment integration and big scalable management systems over years – we can build high quality IT products fast and support with our know-how the company of any size.

Find out how a scalable team can influence offshore software development efficiency

Flexibility is one of our most important strengths. Thanks to our management strategies and well-established AGILE software production process, we can scale the product team fast and make sure the right number of people is working for you at a given moment.

From an IT outsourcing perspective it means that you are always paying only for the job that is being done and the work of the specialists that are needed at the current stage of the product development process.

At the same time there is no problem with scaling up the team – thanks to our good reputation and recommendations of our current employees we can recruit a new team member within weeks, not months. It is worth remembering that Poland is one of the most attractive offshore software development destinations thanks to the high numbers of well-educated and experienced developers.

Not sure yet if an offshore software development is for you?

We know that the decision about outsourcing IT tasks or even full processes is usually difficult, especially when thinking about an offshore IT outsourcing. It is then worth mentioning that for the most European companies we can talk rather about nearshoring IT services in Poland than offshoring. Being located within a EU, in Katowice, with an easy access to international highways and several airports, Skyrise is as accessible for you as many companies located in your home country.

Our software developers and other IT experts are experienced, ambitious, open minded and ready to meet challenges. The ratio of the (high!) quality to price of software development is also our asset. At Skyrise you will find everything that makes the Polish IT sector attractive for investments of global giants: here.

  • We have an experience in delivering offshore software development for small, medium-sized and big companies from Scandinavia and CEE
  • We work within different models of IT outsourcing – from developing sets of features on demand to enabling the outsourcing of full software development teams
  • We scale the size of dedicated teams easily to make sure the customers pay only for the work that is done
  • Our nearshore and offshore software development services help reduce the costs and give you an instant access to new and specialized technologies
  • We are located in the heart of Europe which means that we are suitable for IT nearshoring for most of the European companies.