We offer business and technology consulting from early stages of product definition, but also help our customers to improve existing IT products and solve technological problems when the product is already under development or on the market.

By combining IT expertise, human talent and experience on demanding Scandinavian and CEE markets, we can offer our customers the highest quality business and IT consulting services for different market sectors, especially ITS, IT, e-commerce, and other sectors where software and hardware integration is crucial for success.

IT Business analysis

The key to success of software or service is its ability to solve problems. That is why we provide IT business analysis to gather the most important requirements of the market, collect inspirations, find and examine benchmarks from the technological and UX perspective, and organize this information in a simple and actionable manner.

We cooperate closely with the analysis teams or product owners of our customers, but can also deliver business analysis conducted exclusively by the in-house team. We specialize in Scandinavian and Polish markets, but have also experience with other European and Chinese markets.

UX consultancy and UX research

Developing software and IT solutions is not only the matter of meeting market needs and business objectives, but also knowing the everyday pains of prospective or present users and creating a great user experience.

That is why we support our IT consulting with UX research to gather insights from users. The UX specialists with more than 5 years of experience in software design can also provide UX consultancy service that help convert an average or merely good software, application or service into a great one.

Technology consulting services

With our technology consulting services we will help you find effective and – if needed – innovative ways of developing the software you need and meeting the technological challenges.

The practical knowledge of a wide array of programming languages, software development tools and approaches, as well as hundreds of pieces of hardware of different types we have tested, make our IT consulting services standing out on the market.

Concentrating technological know-how and projects in the independent R&D unit, we share the acquired knowledge with our customers. We simply know how to make things happen.

  • We provide IT consulting services to clients for planning and improvement of their software.
  • We develop new product solutions and services in the area of IT based on an in-depth business analysis
  • We support the business analysis and software development with UX research and UX consultancy to make sure the needs of end users of the products are met
  • We research and develop our own technological solutions and keep track of latest trends. That is why we can share that up to date knowledge with our customers.
  • With the vast knowledge of IT market we always recommend the solutions that fit customer needs best.


As we have worked on a wide range of our own and customers’ innovative IT solutions, we are always ready to share our knowledge, advise and help evaluate and estimate even the most out-of-the-box projects, even when you are not ready yet to develop it with us.