The State of Good Logistics

Emerging business models and digital platforms in 2020

How to approach efficiency in logistics? Which are the companies that are shaping the logistics landscape? Trends, challenges and opportunities in the near future.

Companies in the eBook

What’s the eBook about

Challenges & Opportunities

How these factors influence the presence and future of logistics:
– customer expectations
– pricing and competitiveness
– traceability and transparency
– disruptors in the market

Digitalization – Where to?

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Sharing Economy are the next thing in logistics. Some companies haven’t even approached basic digitalization properly.

Let’s discover how important players are using latest tech in their businesses.

Efficiency – a Must in Logistics

Approaching efficiency from the idle assets management perspective, but also from the environmental side, and the expenses that come with these problems.

Logistics Business Models

We are analyzing 4 new business models that are shaping the ecosystem.
We’ll look at them from more angles:
– efficient use of assets, operational costs
– meeting high customer expectations
– environmental impact

Spoiler alert

Estimated CAGR for 2019 – 2027 – 27%

Trucks in Europe & US driving empty – 25%

Ocean FCLs that can be moved more efficiently – 30%

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