IT Fighting COVID-19 initiative 

IT companies unite to reach 1 000 000 000 Grand Scores in Folding@home project. Contribute some computing power and help scientists to stop the coronavirus!

What is Folding@home?

Folding@home is a distributed computing project run by Stanford University currently focused on helping scientists to find a cure for COVID-19.

Running simulations to understand how coronavirus proteins work requires extreme amounts of processing power. We are building a collective of IT companies that want to help!

*Grand Score (GS) expresses the generated computing power

The challenge
To get 1,000,000,000 Grand Score

Current scoring



we need 925,611,835 GS more!

Who can join?

  • The union is open for every IT company
  • Don’t be afraid to join even you don’t have vast resources. The more the better but even a couple of employees sharing the power of their private computer will help the cause!
  • Even If you’re not an IT company you are welcome to join the Folding@home project


Proud members of IT Fighting COVID-19 initiative

Join us!

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How to join the initiative?


Set a team

Simple instructions for setting a team here


Share the power

Install the Folding@home software on team’s computers


Join the initiative

Submit your company to the initiative and put the IT Fighting COVID-19 badge on your site

Let’s show our IT strenght! 

Become a member of IT Fighting COVID-19 initiative

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