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System integrations for transportation and logistics

We connect applications to improve customer experience, increase supply chain visibility and to lower your overall costs.  

Benefits of integrated systems

Maximize traceability

Connected systems lead to overall improvements in inventory management, shipment tracking, fleet management and more. Overall, you’ll get a boost in visibility.

Identify threats & opportunities

You’ll be able to identify areas of your supply chain that are underused or misused. You can be proactive and mitigate risks, but also identify opportunities for increased revenue or cost savings.

Improved customer experience

Connected software solutions and data sources improves the visibility of the supply chain and increase customer experience.

Automate processes

When you collect data from multiple connected services and products you can boost productivity, reduce risks and improve your processes so that all your stakeholders will benefit.

We have already completed
system integrations for

We use and build open APIs, EDI translators and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) to build efficient and stable integrations that save operational costs, increase visibility and removes manual tasks.

System integrations whitepaper

Interested in system integrations and wants to learn more about APIs, EDIs and how we work?

We are a software development consultancy delivering services within custom software development, system integrations and UX/UI validation research

Get your current systems integrated with

TMS integration

Connect your TMS with your internal applications for smooth data transfer. Or transfer data to and from your customers’ TMS’ to your internal applications to remove manual tasks and risk of errors. 

WMS integration

To boost warehouse efficiency and have employees work smarter you need to have your WMS connected to other applications such as your TMS, ERP, CMS and CRM. We can help you analyze your processes and build the integration.

Hardware and IoT integrations

Integrate hardware or IoT devices into your software to create an intelligent solution that solves real-life problems. We specialize in integrating data loggers, sensors, beacons, IPR cameras, RFID readers and payment terminals.

Business Intelligence integrations

Combine data provided by various tools like for instance MS Excel into your own BI tool or the BI tool provided by us.

We will help you make the right decisions and grow your business faster by delivering great BI integrations.

As digitalization is taking over, integration will become a common thread in the supply chain.

Jarosław Pilarczyk, CEO

360° & Agile processes to achieve your goals


Initial meetings

Talk about needs and create a roadmap for system integration.


Research (optional)

We share the knowledge about integration possibilities.


Integration process

You see how your solution is developed day by day.



The integration is tested and checked particularly in terms of security and stability.



Once public you take the full advantage of system integration.

Let’s transform your logistics infrastructure

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Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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