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Healthcare software development

Whether you need complete software development services or to rebuild existing healthcare solutions, our team can do it. We have the knowledge and skills to help with your project.

Complex healthcare services

From conducting contextual research, through creating an MVP, setting the stage for machine learning, to user experience redesign – every project brings us different challenges. Check our services below.

Anna Charko

Founder, Patients 4 Patients

“We had an idea that could change the world for patients witch chronic diseases. […] offered what we were looking for – with their attitude, everything was possible: quick, non-profit, friendly cooperation to do good in the world. Thanks to that, we have created a ready-for-tests app in just one month and within the budget that was well below needed. Thank you.”

IT made with heart

IT services supporting healthcare software development

When your project needs up-to-the-minute data on technologies, patients’ problems, or a perspective of the end-user,’s experts will provide you with complex knowledge settled in the context of your business reality. 

Outcomes and benefits: 

// Reports with executive summaries, presentations, data, insights, visualisations etc. 

// Profound understanding of the topic 

// Insight into existing solutions  

// Materials upon which you can build a bulletproof IT solution 

If you are not certain about the validity of your business idea, you can verify it using a Google Design Sprint methodology. In just five days, you will understand the background of your project, define the key problems, sketch tons of ideas to solve them, decide which is the best, prototype the solution, and validate it with real users. 

Outcomes and benefits: 

// The process of validating idea is zipped to just one work week

// Your teams’ creativity decks extracted and documented

// Proper business goals set, and dead ends avoided

Nowadays, digitalised healthcare services supporting physicians and patients is a must for any healthcare-oriented business. Our developers provide high-quality and seamlessly working mobile applications that reach your goals. 

These software products: 

// Are native (Android, iOS) or hybrid (for both platforms) mobile apps tailored to your needs

// Have user-friendly interface

As your company grows, you introduce new solutions. To ensure they work well together, systems should be integrated.

What can you expect: 

// Boosting productivity by automating processes

// Centralising data and facilitating its analysis

// Enabling business to business data exchanges

// Integrating data from legacy systems

An introduction to Machine learning

If you build a smart solution that utilises Machine learning (ML) algorithms, you probably need a vast amount of data. Skyrise’s team establishes business contacts, creates large databases, and prepares them for further ML processes. 


// Databases fuelling learning curves 

// Business and tech development strategies

Healthcare is a dynamically developing sector, thus companies often choose to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to reduce the go-to-market time.’s team guides you in that process. We create, test and collect users’ feedback that helps to quickly deliver your project.


// Receiving a working product with minimal features

// Collecting feedback from users

// Reducing the go-to-market time with reasonable decisions

Healthcare software development with UX/UI design

Reducing the probability of making a mistake is part of your company’s development. Thanks to an intuitively designed user interface, you can improve the convenience of using medical devices. Thus, making working with them less prone to error and more productive. 

The service is for:

// Increasing users satisfaction

// Boosting work pace and productivity

// Reducing the probability of error occurrence, while working with medical devices

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