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Get market proof on your  ideas by checking them in just one week

Online workshops, during which we turn your business idea into a prototype and test it with real users

Learn more how the workshop can help your company

Workshops run in the spirit of Google Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint is a risk-free and quick workshop where your team, supported by experts, build and test a prototype of an application or a service for you.
From start-ups to giants such as Slack or Medim — companies of all sizes use Google Design Sprint to activate the layers of creativity and produce innovative products that users love. supports you on the way to validate your business idea

We unlock your business potential

We create a solution prototype

We validate your idea with users

And give you the best mentors

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Specifics. How do the workshops look like?

In just a few days, your team goes through 5 stages of the sprint:






certificateThe timeframes of the sprint depend on your possibilities.
Our experts will help you get through all of them and succeed with tested prototype. Every Sprint is a bit different for different companies. We adjust the scenario to your goals and possibilities.

certificateAt the very end of our workshops, you will get the certificates of completion.

The timeframes of the sprint depend on your possibilities.

Experts who will help you validate your business idea

Natalia Pięta

Service Designer & UX Researcher, conducts Google Design Sprints since 2017

Her deep understanding of users’ needs and very broad market / business experience helps her facilitate creative workshops efficiently.

Anna Kamieniak

Customer Experience Evangelist

The energy she shares with workshop participant is much more than you’d expect from a Sprint Master. She will ask many questions to pull out the most of your team.

Learn how we have unlocked Medim’s business potential

Learn more how the workshop can help your company

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Download the full case study
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