COVID-19 statement

Dear Fellow Humans,

During the last weeks and even months, we have seen a frightening increase and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all know that the pandemic places massive pressure on public healthcare systems all over the world. But just as frightening is the fact that the global economy is in risk of going into a recession worse than seen during the financial crisis. 

We should all do whatever we can to help and that is why we – as people and as a company – want to support software initiatives that can either reduce the spread of COVID-19, or somehow help improve the situation or limit the risk for those who, by their line of work, put themselves at risk. 

How we can offer our help?

We don’t want to start any initiative from scratch – we believe it is more valuable to work on existing initiatives and join forces. We are ready to support those initiatives that we feel have the biggest impact here and now. Examples could be:
      • development of solutions that help information about needs and possible suppliers/ volunteers being upgraded and circulate freely and fast, because every minute counts (eg. by system integrations, integrating databases, creating interfaces that enable fast and insightful data access)
      • development of solutions that enable and support more effective social distancing, quarantine and increase safety

Who’s here to help?

We are a full-cycle software development company working with front-end, back-end, mobile app development, UX/UI and research. We have many different software development profiles and are willing to make them available for your project if it is truly valuable to the community.  We can assist with free development resources in the period from April 1st to May 31st (Hopefully our assistance will not be needed after this date).

We will evaluate each project individually and make a decision on number of resources and resource profiles together with you. 

We have already joined these initiatives

Worldwide Supply Chain Federation – responsible for the American initiative of cooperation between many organizations to give hospitals, governments, and large organizations a one-stop-shop resource to help those in of need of PPE.

#zwalczgokodem – Polish national initiative gathering IT experts and solutions to help in the fight against coronavirus ran by Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland.


Wemunity – an open source system where the recovered can be approved to provide assistance in keeping up critical societal functions.

Folding@home – a distributed computing project run by Stanford University currently focused on helping scientists to find a cure for COVID-19. We initialized IT Fighting COVID-19 – a collective of IT companies that want to help.

How to qualify?

If you believe your project is making a difference in this current situation and you want to qualify for our help, you can email us at (mark the email COVID-19).

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Stay safe and healthy,

Jarosław Pilarczyk
CEO & Board Member

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