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Social Initiatives

At, we believe that every activity sacrificed for social improvement have a real impact on our reality. That is why we constantly initiate changes.

#IT_From_Heart: Computers for children

We donated computers for #IT_From_Heart. The idea behind the project is to support children whose life situation is complicated and have no access to tools that will contribute to their interest in programming and IT sector.

Food for animals in shelters

During Meetups, meetings for IT professionals that we organised, we conducted charity fundraisers. We used the collected money to buy food for animals in the Katowice Shelter and the Irasiad Foundation.

IT Fighting COVID: Computing powers for scientists

IT Fighting COVID is a grassroots initiative of our employees. When the global SARS-2 virus pandemic broke out in March 2020, we supported scientists studying its proteins. As part of the Folding @ home project, we donated some of the computing power of our computers.

Ticku: A digitalised classroom app

During the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, teachers needed a tool to conduct online classes. To simply put – we delivered it to them. The initiative that grew out of is being further developed by the same development team.

Patients4Patients: Illness recovery app

We are part of TechToTheRescue, a community of technology companies that help NGOs develop projects. For the People and Medicine Foundation, program’s participants, we developed the first version of a platform where Recovery Mentors guide Novice patients towards their way to live with the illness.

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Download the full case study
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Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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