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Online parking management and support app


To provide a solution improving parking management process and parking experience of a driver for the Scandinavian company Sesam Parkering.


A comprehensive free-flow system for car park management inspired by our experience with intelligent systems of toll collection on expressways and bridges.

Key Characteristics

MVP of mobile application in just 3 months

Fast development of the mobile app was possible thanks to a hybrid mobile app approach.

Great scalability of the system and its availability through SaaS

The solution is delivered in a software as a service model thanks to using Microsoft Azure computing cloud.

Effective integration with the wide range of technologies and devices

We have integrated with:

  • license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software recognizing car registration number
  • dedicated short range communication (DSRC) sensors and on-board units installed in the vehicle
  • radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers and uPASS readers
  • induction loops and infrared sensors

Automated payment collection integrated with PayEx

We have cooperated with the widely known Scandinavian electronic payment provider and introduced automated credit card payments option for the convenience of the car park users.

360° software service

We have been responsible for the development, continous refactoring of key components, automatic monitoring and 24/7 support of the system (incl. management of the SQL databases), as well as UX and graphic design of Sesam Sesam interfaces.

User friendly interfaces

We have carefully designed user experience of Sesam Sesam mobile and web applications, including the specialised application for customer service employees, which let them support the drivers fast and strenghten the effect of seamless parking experience.

Project facts

The system has been introduced on over 20 parking lots in Norway
93 K+
93 K+
Over 100 000 vehicles have used Sesam Sesam so far
400 K+
400 K+
The system handles over 400 000 visits every month
from 20.09.2017

We listen to customers

What I appreciate most about cooperation with Skyrise is their ability to understand a business case, and perform precise estimation of design, implementation and test.

Their communication skills, the technical expertise and reaction to challenges and obstacles are exceptional. We have been working together for over four years with iterations every month and I am glad to say that we are now more like colleagues than parties in a Buyer-Vendor relationship.

Bengt Jørgen Olsen, BT Signaal (Norway)
Maciej Lukas
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Maciej Lukas