Changing how Norwegians park and pay at private parking lots with Sesam Sesam.

Tomasz Woźniak – VP of Operations
VP of Operations
Tomasz Woźniak – VP of Operations

An IT Manager with strong technical expertise. Has over fifteen years of experience in different IT roles including: Project Manager, Agile Coach, IT solution designer. His motto is “Work smarter, not harder”.

About project

Sesam Sesam is a full parking service which focuses on innovative solutions such as customer registration through the mobile app and simple customer solutions. It’s a cloud-based Saas (software as service) which combines a simple and comfortable user experience for drivers with BI (Business Intelligence) solutions for business and data monitoring. It provides a financial and administrative management of parking facilities.

About the company and partners

BT Signaal AS is a company which developed the Sesam Sesam ticketless parking service. It has a long international experience with development, implementation and the operation of ITS (Intelligent Transport Solutions) industries such as electronic payment services with consultancy in related business areas.

Bergen Parkering AS is a partner in developing Sesam Sesam solutions and has solid experience in parking facilities management on the Nordic market.


The idea behind Sesam Sesam was to create one solid system to manage the parking process at many car park facilities. So far only ticket systems were known in the industry, which were integrated with barriers and ticket printers. It was obvious that drivers stopped at the car park entrance, took a ticket and the barriers would then open. We wanted to go one step further and become pioneers in ticketless parking services where drivers don’t have to  worry about having tickets and about paying after the visit or even stopping at parking barriers.


  • Better user experience – the solution increases drivers’ convenience. They drive into the parking facilities without stopping and don’t need to remember about tickets and payments. They control everything in the mobile app Sesam Sesam and the parking payment is automatically charged from drivers’ credit cards.
  • Financial – Sesam Sesam decreases parking facility costs and increases the revenues thanks to effective fee collection
  • Parking facility automation – parking facilities become maintenance-free and facility owners don’t have to hire additional employees to take care of ticket printers’ or parking barriers’ technical condition.
  • Support for many types of payment methods – users are not limited to only one payment method. They can download the Sesam Sesam app to register their accounts and add a credit card or pay later online – it’s up to them.

As time goes by, Sesam Sesam  developed from the ANPR system to full service with solutions for different types of user groups.

“I value their honesty and ability to meet deadlines. If they notice any problems they tell us immediately.”

Bengt Jørgen Olsen


We created simple solutions for end-users – Scandinavian drivers. We believe that Sesam Sesam is a convenient way of parking because drivers don’t need to think about payment for visits, it all happens automatically and the money is charged from their credit cards if they use our mobile application.


Sesam Sesam mobile app

We built a mobile app for Android and iOS for drivers.

  • Simple to use
  • Create an account and enter your license plate number
  • Add your credit card and be automatically charged when you exit a car park
  • Control and manage your parking payments


Ticketless parking process

A driver registers an account in-app.
The barrier opens automatically.
The system calculates parking costs.
The app automatically charges payment from the driver's credit card.

Tenant dashboard

Web application for end-users – drivers. It’s an extended version of the Sesam Sesam mobile app.

  • Manage your Sesam Sesam agreements
  • Connect license plate numbers with them
  • Control your payments and invoices
  • Register your credit card


Post payment portal

Web application for drivers who don’t have a Sesam Sesam agreement, yet occasionally park at Sesam Sesam carparks. It’s also an alternative payment method for those who are in a hurry and forget about paying.

Payment machines at parking lots

We develop software for payment machines which allow drivers to pay for the visit still at the parking facility. It’s fully integrated with Sesam Sesam and provides credit card and contactless payment options.

Sesam Sesam support

We have built integrated system modules which allow Sesam Sesam support to find proper information about the customers who call with different problems every day. The solution was designed in a cooperation with support workers who told us about their main problems, needs and frustrations. The main purpose was to find answers to their issues and make their job easier and faster.

Customer support module

This is a desktop solution with a fast search engine where support workers search for customers and connected data. It helps them solve problems in every day scenarios.

  • Simple to use
  • It was designed on a base of user needs research and usability testing
  • Design included Sesam Sesam support’s job characteristic (sitting behind a desk and using a computer for 8h) and it doesn’t strain users’ eyes
  • Adapted to big screens which are used at the Sesam Sesam support office

Provides access to all needed data to solve complex cases

Verification tool

A desktop application for verifying suspected visits.

Discount module

A desktop application for managing discounts for Sesam Sesam carparks.

  • Create a discount and specify its details
  • Add customers to the discount

Parking Warden

Sesam Sesam is a complex solution for different kinds of users, so we haven’t  forgotten about parking wardens who take care of the parking facilities.

Sesam Eye mobile application

Amobile application for parking wardens to scan license plate numbers of vehicles parked at the parking facility.

Key characteristics

MVP of the mobile application in just 3 months

The fast development of the mobile app was made possible thanks to a hybrid mobile app approach.

Great scalability of the system and its availability through SaaS

The solution is delivered in a software as a service model thanks to using the Microsoft Azure computing cloud.

Effective integration with a wide range of technologies and devices

We have integrated with:

  • license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software recognizing car registration numbers
  • dedicated short range communication (DSRC) sensors and on-board units installed in the vehicle
  • radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers and uPASS readers
  • induction loops and infrared sensors
  • displays and light signalization
  • Automated payment collection integrated with PayEx
  • Parking barriers (on customer’s request)
  • External clients for drivers’ convenience

We have cooperated with the widely known Scandinavian electronic payment provider and introduced automated credit card payment options for the convenience of the car park users.

360° software service

We have been responsible for the development, continuous refactoring of key components, automatic monitoring and 24/7 support of the system (including management of the SQL databases), as well as the UX and graphic design of Sesam Sesam interfaces.

User friendly interfaces

We have carefully designed the user experience of Sesam Sesam mobile and web applications, including the specialized application for customer service employees, which lets them support the drivers quickly and strengthen the effect of a seamless parking experience. All functionalities are designed based on user needs research and usability tests.