From 4 minutes to 4 seconds – the effects of a new access control system for the Harbor of Gdańsk.

Maciej Lukas – Product Manager
Product Manager
Maciej Lukas – Product Manager

Manager, business developer, experimentator — founder of i.a. Parkanizer. An alumnus of the prestigious Startup Executive Academy in Salzburg.


The port of Gdańsk was tackling issues such as heavy traffic in high season, limited and unautomated control over vehicle flow, lack of data on vehicle status, and disrupted access control. Participating in the startup accelerator Parkanizer was challenged with only 3 months to present a working solution for the previously identified problems.


Combining software and hardware solutions provided all involved sides (such as the security center, security guards, port operators and logistics companies) full online data about vehicle statuses and warnings in case of delays or overstaying the limited time of their visit. This alone allowed the instant identification of issues and fast reaction to them with use of the system.

What is more, the architecture of the processes in the system makes it bulletproof to the violation of the procedures. That was all boosted by adding easy access contact data to responsible users to allow for fast communication and problem solving.

Additionally, the usage of SMS to communicate with drivers, automated barriers and traffic lights connected to license plate recognition cameras allowed for a smooth and direct incoming flow and keeping history logs of information.

Entry and exit process

New visit in a system
Forwarder or transport coordinator creates in a system visit in provided by port operator service window. Fills vehicle and driver data. Additionaly he is able to reserve a buffer parking space.
SMS with visit details
Driver receives SMS with visit details such as time, place, vehicle and his data. System updates him in case of any changes.
Truck arrival
Truck arrives port entrance or parking at given time and date.
License plate recognition
With use of cameras and license plate recognition system confirms if vehicle arrived in valid service window and verify if plate number is correct. More than one control points can be setup of the road with various access point barriers.
Confirmation for truck leave
After serving vehicle port operator changes vehicle status and confirmes that truck can leave facility.
Exit validation
Vehicle is once again validated at the exit and system has implemented algorithms to improve security and prevent users from violating setup rules.

Key characteristics

  • Basic flow useable version in just 3 months. A fast development of the web app combined with an SMS gate, automated barriers and camera license plate recognition.
  • User-friendly interfaces. Basic training for any user can be closed in less than 10 minutes, no matter the age or computer experience.
  • Dynamic data about traffic and vehicle status. Authorized users can access updated data required for the full control of the process and traffic flow at any time.
  • 360° software service. We have taken care of system requirements analysis, UX/UI design, development and testing, support of the system and implementation of new features.

Effective integration with a wide range of technologies and devices

We have integrated with:

  • license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software recognizing car registration numbers
  • traffic lights and automated barriers
  • SMS gates to communicate with vehicle drivers


76 vehicles
76 vehicles
During the demo days 76 vehicles were served in the chosen zone
Shorter average entrance time
Shorter average entrance time
The average port entrance time dropped from 4.5 minutes to 4 seconds
All problems solved
All problems solved
All 4 scenarios of different violations of procedures were identified and solved.