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Dariusz Sęk
Software Developer
Dariusz Sęk
Dariusz is a mobile software developer who has professional experience in both Android and iOS platform. He is interested in technological novelties like new Fuchsia OS and Flutter framework. Privately fluffy dogs lover.

Developing for Android is our bread and butter, although it is not always as easy as it may seem when you look at the final versions of our applications.

We always search for more convenient ways of creating Android apps and try to examine new most promising tools. That is why we tried data binding (the technique well established in many coding languages) just when it became available in our backyard. Our post from last year presents how to configure the project, use Android databinding and summarizes the pros and cons of this approach.  

Our quest for clarity and efficiency brought us also to experimenting with Kotlin before it officially became an official Android language. Check our post and let us introduce you to Kotlin’s syntax, lambda expressions, extension functions and much more. See the ways Kotlin can help you simplify your code.

We not only pay attention to the code, but also to the beauty and user friendliness of the interface. And animations are important part of that. Read our blog post on how to implement a smooth animation with the possibilities brought to you by new Transitions API.