Tech blog sum up: iOS and watchOS


Konrad Roj
Software Developer
Konrad Roj
Software engineer. Focused on Apple platforms and their technological innovations for over five years. Connoisseur of a good UX. Fascinated by the development of adaptive and intelligent software.

iOS is the second mobile platform crucial for development of our products. As with all the things we do – we have searched for new challenges and solutions to deliver user friendly, fast and efficient solutions.

Thanks to cooperation with an open to innovation customer we had a chance to create a proof-of-concept for Apple Watch app.  Check the video tutorial on creating the functioning application for the small screen with the use of iOS and watchOS with WatchConnectivity framework.

Even if you’re not currently that much into developing for small devices, you most likely face the challenges of gathering and monitoring data from your apps. Maybe it’s high time to use Firebase? See how we’ve switched from Hockeyapp to Firebase and how to set a friendly crash reporting dashboard here