Tech blog sum up: databases


Przemysław Polański
Team Leader
Przemysław Polański
Senior developer and team lead in Skyrise involved in the company's life since the dawn of its existence. Programming commercially and compulsively since 2007. On the journey through multiple technologies and programming languages he found out that there’s always some space for improvement and sometimes enough time to introduce it.

Introducing our new website and blog motivated us to look back at our blogging experience and sum up what we have shared with you so far. We start with 4 posts dedicated to databases.

It’s always good to be up-to-date. The first post presents the steps of migrating a database hosted within a Docker container, to be exact – MongoDB database running old 2.6 version to 3.4 version. Check the full instructions here.

As you perfectly know – good backup is a backup that can be correctly restored. That is why we took a closer look at the topic and prepared the post, in which we show you how to back up and restore the MongoDB hosted within docker container and store the result safely in Azure Blob storage. Check especially the scripts to automate these procedures.

Then the time comes to examine Marten, which can be used both as a document database and eventstore. Check here what Piotrek Błachut thinks about the possible applications of Marten.

The last blog post is concentrated on the problem of implicit data conversion, which is an important topic from the application performance perspective. Check how to find automatically the existence of such issue in your NHibernate-based application.