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Marcin Budny
Head of R&D
Marcin Budny
Architect and developer, over 10 years in IT. He works with intelligent transport systems, researches new technology and explores ways to apply it. Passionate about building software, always looking to learn something new. Focused on .NET, yet curious about the rest of the dev world.

At Skyrise we use different frameworks, programming applications and monitoring applications – reading our posts, you will definitely see this diversity. We hope that some of our experience with technology will help you make the right decision or simply implement something you need in your everyday work.

Feel invited to the brisk walk through development themed blog posts we have written so far:

1. If you don’t know Grav, check out the post on that CMS. Grav is a Content Management System which does not require any database. After reading the post you will know how to run Grav on Docker, and how to install and upgrade plugins.

2. Monitoring an application is important for all developers. Microsoft Azure offers a great instrument for application monitoring, performance analyses and error logging – Application Insights. You will get to know how to make a full usage of this tool when developing OWIN based applications here.

3. Maybe you are looking for a powerful log server with modern structured logging techniques? We would recommend considering SEQ. It has everything you need and helps you diagnose problems in complex applications or microservices. Read the article about simple performance monitoring with SEQ.

4. If you want to know more about scaling out self-hosted SignalR, read Marcin’s post. SignalR is a library for ASP.NET developers, which­­­ simplifies developing real-time applications. The post describes how SignalR handles scaling out to multiple hosts.

5. Orleans and Service Fabric Reliable Actors seem to be two different beasts in many aspects. If you would like to know which one better fits your needs, read comparison prepared by Marcin.

6. Have you ever heard of Caliburn Micro framework? It is a small yet powerful framework designed for building WPF applications. If you think writing a clear WPF application is too complicated, check the post on the matter by Filip.

7. Continuous Integration (CI) is a part of practically every modern software development process. It helps continuously merge all developers’ changes and test if everything builds and works correctly. Read the introduction to CI and learn more about setting it up using Cake as build system and AppVeyor as a build server.