Cybersecurity useful resources

Mateusz Kaleta
Software Developer
Mateusz Kaleta

Cybersecurity useful resources are the topic of this post. In Getting started with cybersecurity I’ve talked about security basics. In case you want to get some hands-on experience, here’s a list of useful security related resources you can use.

Training and education

Improve your skill with these resources.

OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project

Simply the best resource on cybersecurity. It’s a wiki page of a nonprofit organisation and has a tremendous set of articles about security basics and penetration testing, detailed description of attack and
defence techniques. Also, there are lots of security verification checklists.

Stanford’s Cryptography Course

Learn cryptography basics.

Kali Linux for pentests

Kali is a great linux distro made by pentesters for pentesters. Kali’s website also include some training resources.

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle

Learn how a secure software development process should look like. It’s important to know that cybersecurity starts when designers start to draw wireframes or even earlier.

Cryptopals Crypto Challenge

Security programming tasks for developers.

Damn Vulnerable Web Application

“A PHP/MySQL web application that is damn vulnerable.”
Practice your pentesting skills on this app designed for this.

Stay informed with cybersecurity useful resources

With cybersecurity you really need to to be up-to-date with latest news and techniques.


Follow the steps described in National Institute of Standards and Technology if you want to improve your server protection.
Just google it
Type “ASP.NET hardening”, “Apache hardening”, “Android hardening”
etc. —  whatever suits you.