Skyrise News November 2018

dotCSS in Paris

At the beginning of November, our front-end Team Leader Kuba Bergel and front-end developer Oskar Lebuda went to Paris to participate in the 5thedition of dotCSS, the largest CSS conference in Europe. There were many inspiring talks given by speakers from all over the world, including Aga Naplocha from Poland, and it was a very friendly and positive event with opportunities for networking as well. We look forward to next year’s edition!

4developers in Katowice

Last month, our team attended the 4developers conference in Katowice, a local edition of the Polish 4developers festival organized in Warsaw in the spring. This event was more intimate and concentrated on participating and working in small groups, so all of the attendees had a very hand-on experience with the topics discussed. It was a great opportunity to integrate with other Silesian programmers and developers!

 .NET and E2E Skyrise Meetup in Katowice

In November we organized a meetup with two specialists from our Skyrise team. Marcin Budny presented two monitoring tools for .NET developers, while Łukasz Kędziora discussed some solutions for End-To-End testing. Skyrise is very involved in the local IT community, and our goal is to share the knowledge we have with others in the form of meetups and workshops. We will be organizing our next meetup in January, so stay tuned!

Web Summit in Lisbon

Our CEO Jarosław Pilarczyk and customer experience researcher Natalia Pięta participated in this year’s Web Summit organized in Lisbon. This huge event gathered over 70k attendees from all over the world, offering dozens of inspiring talks and partner workshops about the future of IT, and providing the participants with a unique networking opportunity like no other. You can read more about Jarek’s experience and observations here.

Øredev in Malmo

Our UX Team Leader, Anna Kamieniak, gave a speech about material design to the technical audience at the Øredev conference in Malmo this year. The 2018 theme “Deus Ex Machina” gave speakers and attendees a chance to dive into the boundaries of transhumanism and technology. Anna also brought us back some fancy stickers and magnets, such as this Android Dialogs magnet from Huyen Tue Dao ;) If you are interested in android development, you should watch these videos.

Skyrise in Nepal

As we’ve mentioned in the past, our team at Skyrise leads an active lifestyle, and this past month our technical project manager Tomasz Woźniak and our QA Joanna Borowska climbed all the way up Thorong La Pass in Nepal! Even our Skyrise t-shirt made it to 5417 meters above sea level! We’re sure there will be a Travel Meeting about this impressive feat sometime in the near future.

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