Skyrise News May 2018

Sylwia Bien
Communications Manager
Sylwia Bien

Enthusiastic and highly motivated professional with 10 years of comprehensive experience in marketing and public relations. Works with a multidisciplinary teams in a fast-growing and international environment to create outstanding content across a variety of platforms and products. Always brings a host of ideas to apply them at the company.


Developing a software product is always a risk. One of the ways to mitigate it is continuous learning. We  share knowledge and we learn from others. In May we had a lot of opportunities to gain some fresh information and skills. Read about it in Skyrise News May 2018.

It is time for the workshops!

A workshop is more than a chance to learn a new skill. It is a way of connecting to another human being’s internal world and this is the most interesting part – meeting people who are very  passionate about what they do. Soft communication skills are important for all of us, so during the tech workshops you can also  attend networking sessions. It is no longer enough to learn by watching and consulting supervisors. During the workshops the attendees learn how to conduct them too. Another edition of  “Object Composition and Design Patterns”.  In May we held internal workshops for our colleagues about object-oriented programming  at the Skyrise office in Katowice.

Do you know the difference between UX and UI? This was the next topic we discussed at Skyrise in May. We experimented with all the tools used by designers in the user-centered design process. We understand them better and will use them in our everyday work. UI is just the tip of the iceberg; if you are interested in this topic read Marta’s article about information design.

soap! conference 2018 – innovation vs simplicity

Content is not only words. It should be ieasy for users to follow and product-related. Many problems were discussed, including different content types such as graphics, videos, manuals, or user interfaces, different phases of content’s lifecycle including its creation, management, transformation, and localization. Now it is time to help us gain simplicity in Skyrise. We met there Nathalie Kowalczyk from  Slack who agreed to gives us an interview,  so stay tuned!


Simplicity vs simplification by Alexey Zimarev

We had the pleasure to announce a great event with Alexey Zimarev, a software architect and developer focused on domain models, domain-driven design (DDD), SOA and microservices, coaching and mentoring. Alexey is also a contributor to the MassTransit open-source messaging framework for .NET and the organiser of the DDD Norway meetup. We will tell you how it went in our June news edition!

Thanks for reading a regular dose of news from the world of Skyrise for all tech enthusiasts! See you next month with fresh information!