Skyrise News June 2018

Sylwia Bien
Communications Manager
Sylwia Bien

Enthusiastic and highly motivated professional with 10 years of comprehensive experience in marketing and public relations. Works with a multidisciplinary teams in a fast-growing and international environment to create outstanding content across a variety of platforms and products. Always brings a host of ideas to apply them at the company.


Continuous learning is essential to our lives. Information and creativity nourishes our mind just like food and water give power to our body. There is no doubt that every attempt to stay in good condition must care about gaining valuable knowledge. June was a very rich month for Skyrise and it was full of very interesting events. Check what we have done below.

Hard work – Norwegian parking management system Sesam Sesam

We are proud to announce that since the beginning of June, the Norwegian parking management system Sesam Sesam started functioning at three of the biggest airports in Norway – Trondheim, Stavanger, and Bergen. People who park there can now experience seamless parking without any parking tickets. They just drive into the carpark without stopping! Our Sesam Sesam team made a lot of effort to be on time with the whole system. That was a reason to celebrate, so the big carpark-like cake was agreat surprise for all!

Simplicity vs simplification by Alexey Zimarev

At the beginning of the month Alexey Zimarev visited the Katowice IT community. Alexey is a software architect and developer who is currently focused on domain models and domain-driven design (DDD). He shared his experience with the audience to prove that DDD is not hard anymore. He showed several cases and convinced the listeners to think deeper about business problems, even if they seem to be simple at a first glance. The lecture was accompanied by workshops for developers who learned how to work with event-sourced aggregates and use an event store, how to separate infrastructure concerns from the domain model, how to build projections and many other practical aspects. Stories from the field were delivered as a bonus.

The 1st annual USA-CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Day, Developer Week New York

Set for June 18th, the 1st annual USA-CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Day was a great opportunity to connect top CEE IT talents with American companies. Top IT and Software Sourcing talent in Eastern Central Europe is among the best in the world. That is why our CEO Jarek couldn’t miss this event, so once again Skyrise was very visible in the United States. The attendees of CEE could also attend Developer Week New York, on June 19-20 in Brooklyn, New York. Exhibitors with the hottest technologies like artificial intelligence were there to share their unique experiences.

Skyrise team plays!

Everybody loves sports. It is more than just a game. It is an effective tool when you are building a team who can play together in the office and outside of it. Skyrise supported Suchy Team during the crossfit competition in Germany.

Our leaders and developers started the run in memoriam of Polish mountaineer Artur Hajzer who was the creator of the program Polish Winter Himalaism 2010-2015, which now bears his name.

Continuous learning in June – workshops and courses

Together with the big event with Alexey Zimarev, we participated in other workshops, including topics such as search engine optimization. We believe that continuous learning forms are a necessary part of a company’s existence. Managers are obligated to provide access to learning opportunities and encourage continued learning. We always have a curious mind, explore different topics and we are not afraid to ask for clarity.

Since the Sięgaj Chmur Project is now closed, we are waiting for our interns to come to work with the team in the beginning of July! Next month you can read about how they are fitting in with our team. Stay tuned!