Skyrise News January 2019

Hello in the New Year! January flew right by, and here we are, nearly ending February already! Time flies when you’re having fun :) Let’s go over a quick review of last month, and see what Skyrise has been up to in 2019 so far.

Positive Change

Skyrise has been changing a lot recently, keeping with its philosophy of continuous learning and development. We have experienced significant growth in our company in the past few months, which you may have noticed if you’ve been keeping up with our previous News posts. We are proud to share that our work has been noticed and appreciated, and we received a quality certificate which we will share more information about in the coming weeks!

New Members

With a rapidly growing company comes a rapidly growing team, including a growing Board of Directors! We are happy to welcome two new members on our Board: Karolina Kociuga as VP of Administration and Tomasz Woźniak as VP of Operations. We look forward to working together to make our vision of a reality.

Sharing Knowledge

We love organizing events in Katowice and Gdańsk, where we can share experiences and knowledge with other members of the IT community. One such example of valuable knowledge that we’d like to share is contained in Adrian Defus’ two latest articles on security. Check them out on Medium and let us know what you think! And as we are becoming more recognized for our meetups, we are proud to announce that we have been invited as a Community Partner at the 4developers Conference that will be held on April 8th in Warsaw. We hope to see you there! :)

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