Skyrise News April 2018

We are now a Gold Microsoft Partner

Skyrise has achieved another level within the Microsoft Partner Network. Our team members gained competency, and we are proud to have the Gold Microsoft Partnership for application development. It has brought us many new things and benefits!

Workshops .NET

“Object Composition and Design Patterns”

In April we held workshops about object-oriented programming  at the Skyrise office in Katowice. The students learned how to create reusable components with the help of patterns: strategy, composite, decorator, and adapter. They could use these components to create several functionalities through the composition of objects. They learned how to use each of these patterns in real projects.

GDPR and personal data protection meetup

A European Union regulation that governs consumers’ private information will gain regulatory power in May 2018, and it could have a big effect on how businesses all over the globe handle privacy. We were talking about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it puts regulatory teeth into longstanding governmental guidance about how EU member states handle personally identifiable information.

We run an internship program at Skyrise

There comes a time in life when you have to find your way. Are you graduating this year  and don’t know where to start? Skyrise has something for you! Join us for the newest edition of our internship program. Join and send us your CV and solve the task!  Recruitment runs until the end of May so don’t wait, because this is the last call!

Skyrise party in Jump City Katowice

The Skyrise team had a “Jumptastic” party, with  a lot of fun bouncing on the wall to wall trampolines , playing unusual basketball and flipping into the foam zone.

In April you could meet our speakers at GigaCon

Our designer Patrycja Paprotny and Front-End developer Oskar Lebuda talked about Atomic Design and style guides.

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