Skyrise is changing its branding and embarking on a new path to create even better technology for people. Meet

Our new proposition combines all of the experience that we have and making most of the emerging technologies that we predict to bring great value to our customers’ products and services.

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon and, just like the astronauts of that time, we have become a creator and discoverer for today’s times in order to provide quality and value for our clients. We adapt and change, and for many of us the world of software is just like an expedition into outer space where new worlds can be discovered. is the best partner to take with you on this cosmic journey . is led by Jarosław Pilarczyk CEO who is supported by Øyvind Nordvik and Marcin Kowalik as Board members. We would like to also proudly welcome new members of the Board of Directors: Karolina Kociuga as VP of Administration and Tomasz Woźniak VP of Operations. Together we will be working towards making our new vision of a reality.

“I have been involved in the development of from the very beginning. I am proud that together with my team we have worked to build a successful brand and develop partnerships together with our clients, such as Sesam Sesam, PayVend and Abax. We are now able to provide clients one robust, seamless service which is in line with our new direction that we can now discover and explore all innovative possibilities for our clients.”

                                 Jarosław Pilarczyk CEO history started when Jarosław Pilarczyk founded his IT company in 2006. It has evolved over the years and now, with almost 100 people on board, it delivers successful software services to customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany and the United States. We also support innovative digital projects in our native Polish IT market.

By far, we have created software products for a wide range of industries, including logistics and transport, smart mobility, civil engineering and healthcare, as well as applications for business.

This year we start exploring new areas in which can operate. Our new mission has begun and we are ready to take all our clients with us on this exciting, digital journey.

Ready to create better software?

We are constantly working on new interesting projects.

Maybe yours will be one of them?

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