On the way to WWDC 2017

Konrad Roj
iOS Developer
Konrad Roj

Software engineer. Focused on Apple platforms and their technological innovations for over five years. Connoisseur of a good UX. Fascinated by the development of adaptive and intelligent software.


WWDC is the Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, one of the biggest events in Cupertino giant calendar. It’s mostly software focused five-day event, where 5000 developers from around the world can attend hundreds of sessions and labs led by Apple engineers. This year I am one of the lucky attendees.

Is it a joke?

At 29 March 2017 I signed up for the event with a hint of hope I could get a ticket.

1 April, 1AM the person from the bank called me in the middle of the night to inform that the bank had blocked a suspicious payment! What? Is it a joke? No, they just blocked the payment for the ticket. I was selected and could lose this opportunity… Shame on you, my bank! Fortunately, after an hour Apple tried to charge me again – this time successfully. I’m going to WWDC!

Next day I realized how many things I have to do. What now? I don’t even have the US visa! Fortunately at least I found my passport and it is still valid for a few years.

Invitation to WWDC 2017 for Skyrise IOS developer
Invitation to WWDC 2017 for Skyrise IOS developer, Konrad.

THE U.S. Visa

Getting visa was the most stressful part of the preparations. As it turned out, unnecessarily. The visit to the Warsaw embassy was quick and pleasant and the conversation with the consul was not even half a minute. The next day the visa reached my home in Gdańsk.

U.S. visa
U.S. visa

Taking care of accommodation and other down to earth stuff

What? Airbnb in 90% reserved, same as Booking.com… I needed to takeanything with an option to cancel reservation. Few days ago I found the new Airbnb, close to the San Jose downtown. Success!

I purchased the flight just after getting a visa. I’m going with Air Berlin through Berlin-Tegel and Dusseldorf airports. Opinions about Berlin airport and flight delays are scary but I’m hopeful it will be good. It’s finally the second largest airline in Germany.

There is still one thing to be managed – the insurance. Medical services in the US are the most expensive in the world – that’s why it’s good to insure. I’m still looking for the best offer.


Daily, after training, there are many events for developers. The number of places is limited, so it’s worth to sign up before the conference. Beer, talks, contests and many famous people. That can’t be missed! All the events can be found in Parties app, available in AppStore.

WWDC 2017 parties app
WWDC 2017 parties app


I can’t wait to see the USA, attend sessions and share experience with developers from around the world! Thanks, Skyrise, for this opportunity!