Future of mobile — the summary of WWDC17

Konrad Roj
iOS Developer
Konrad Roj

Software engineer. Focused on Apple platforms and their technological innovations for over five years. Connoisseur of a good UX. Fascinated by the development of adaptive and intelligent software.


Konrad, iOS developer at Skyrise, sums up the future of mobile and most important threads from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 after getting back from San Jose, California. Check travel diary here.

Machine Learning

Do you know popular face detection? Hundreds of thousands of facial images have been used to teach the machine to recognize us. Can you use this for other purposes?


CoreML, announced this year by Apple, introduces a simple logic for creating smart applications.

Do we need to design static applications? Would not it be nice if the app adapted itself to you… automatically and could interpret your intentions appropriately?

Machine learning poses tremendous opportunities as well as challenges to programmers. It’s not just code and math, but also psychology and many other human sciences.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Manipulating reality is remarkable. It allows you to introduce a person to another world, which s/he has only dreamed of, and let the person become part of it.

Undoubtedly, this is something that people in the future will not be able to part with.

Movies and games where you are not just an observer sitting on a couch, but a real hero are stunning today. They will become even more awesome and immersive in the coming years!

After the success of Pokemon Go extended reality knocked on many popular applications in the form of… face overlay. Fire-breathing selfie and other modes took Instagram and Facebook.

However, the possibilities are much greater. Would not it be nice to concentrate on driving instead of looking at the dashboard, seeing the route and directions on the windscreen?

Many of the ideas go beyond current technology and for the comfort of use require not only the phone, but special goggles. Hopefully in the future just contact lenses!

Just as VR is really useful on phones, which – with the help of suitable goggles – can be turned into real headsets, the AR in mobile is rather curious and its usability is not high. It’s too uncomfortable.

New iPad Pro and iMac Pro

The new iPad Pro is a real firecracker. The power of this small device allows you to manipulate light in high-resolution images. Instantly. This was shown on the example of a Photoshop application and it made a big impression on the crowd. In addition, the speed of image processing, object generation, animations, and manipulation of extended reality with perfect fluidity – not one computer would not cope. Bravo!

In turn, the new iMac is a real workstation. Finally! For a long time Apple seemed to forget about professionals using their platform. Their dedication was not updated and unfortunately they did not provide adequate power.

The new iMac is changing and we are looking forward to the next device that will improve our work.

Xcode 9, Swift 4 and parallel testing

New Xcode fixes the bug of its predecessor and accelerates incredibly fast. Anyone who has written apps on Xcode using Swift knows how irritating it was… waiting.

Additionally, integration with Github and long awaited refactor option for Swift. That’s what we expected. Good job!

Swift 4 is no longer as big a change as the previous version. It can be seen that this relatively young language begins to stabilize. It introduces many improvements and convenient solutions to make it even more enjoyable for developers.

So far, to test the application on different resolutions, I had to build an application for each device and check… one by one.

To upload a new version to the device, it had to be connected to the Mac. This is especially funny when we look at new Macbooks that have not many USB connectors.

Fortunately, this changes with the new Xcode, which brings ability to launch several simulators and upload applications to phones within range of Wi-Fi. You should have done this from the beginning, Apple!

Future of mobile the summary

Apple has created not only devices, but also a big market with turnover four times higher than Android that has paid so far $60 billion to app developers.

But the iOS platform is not just expensive devices and money from the apps. The mobile world is changing day by day, thanks to millions of programmers and people’s ideas. It facilitates and makes life easier for all people, both healthy and disabled. It provides entertainment as well as deepens social relationships. It allows you to keep up to date with events around the world. And it’s all always with you.

That’s why we create our products!