JOIN Folding@home challenge!

Join the Folding@home project with your computer and help scientists to fight COVID-19!

To find a cure for the current pandemic the scientists need a lot of computing power. That is why people from all around the world help by joining the movement to band together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world.

Also’s team joined a few days ago with our servers and personal computers. And maybe you could do the same? :)

How to join?

Simply run your computer and install the Folding@home software because the rest will happen in the background.

As a result, your computer will connect via the Internet to Stanford’s servers and download data for calculations. And finally will send the results back.

If you want to join as a company in IT Fighting COVID-19 initiative, submit your team here.

How to install Folding@home software?

Take a look at the instructions:

About the project

Folding@home is a distributed project held by Stanford University, USA. The project aims to study protein folding processes, focusing on how the protein molecule is composed or acts.

With the Folding@home program, you share part of your computer’s computing power to simulate the behavior of COVID-19 proteins.

You can do even more!

The power is in sharing the knowledge, so we encourage you to invite your friends, family and coworkers do join the challenge. Let’s see how fast we can fight the COVID-19!


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