Working for Skyrise – an Environment of Development

Hanna Sitter
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IT is a sector that is consistently undergoing changes, and very fast ones at that. With the rapid development of technology, our work at Skyrise is never boring. We are constantly learning something new and moving forward, in order to keep up with the never-ending advancements in software development. This is an important part of our culture and the nature of our work.

However, technology is not the only aspect of our work that is developing. Our company itself has undergone numerous changes over the years and it is still continuing to grow. In some ways it has changed, and in some ways it has stayed the same. Many of the initial values of our founders still form the core of the company, but there are always new directions for the company to explore, and we are consistently evolving and growing as a team as well.

To learn more about the history of Skyrise and where it’s heading, I sat down to talk with Przemek. Currently a team leader at Skyrise, he was one of the people involved in the development of the company, and he has some interesting things to say about its culture, work environment, and future.

Hanna: Please tell me something about yourself and your role at Skyrise.

Przemek: I’m a senior developer, but my role here is a team leader. I’m managing a team mainly for a Danish company that we have produced nearly ten projects for so far. The number of people involved changes, so you could say that I work with different teams and I maintain the scope of the work for them, manage the team, prepare the tasks, etc.

Hanna: How long have you been working for Skyrise?

Przemek: Actually I’ve been with Skyrise since the beginning. I’ve been working with Jarek, our CEO, since we were studying together, even before Skyrise existed. We started a project together which later developed into a company. It’s been quite a journey.

Hanna: How has your work and Skyrise as a company changed over the course of time?

Przemek: It has changed quite a lot. In the beginning it was just a couple of friends working together on interesting projects. It was initially Jarek’s initiative, but we worked together more or less on equal terms, all of us programming. Jarek’s friend needed a project for his company and we thought we could start selling our projects to other companies. The first few years were quite hard. I found it difficult to manage business talks and cooperation with other companies, which is why I eventually resigned from being business partners and instead decided to concentrate on development instead. Jarek took on the role of a CEO and I think it was a very good decision. The company continued to grow, and at some point we merged with another company and stabilized financially, had the occasion to focus on our skills and how we work. And we are still doing that, trying to find the best way to make it work. It has been quite amazing how the company grew and how it all worked out. I’m still surprised how it all came together, and how Jarek and the rest of us managed to build such a great place to work.

Hanna: Can you tell me more about what it’s like to work here?

Przemek: I feel that the culture of the company is closely related to the way it has been created. I still feel like we’re a group of friends working together. Even though the company has grown over the years, I think we still have this value of working together and doing something in the best way possible and in a way that brings pleasure to the people who do it. I may be in a special position being Jarek’s friend, but I do feel that we are still on the same page – the management of the company has the same goals as the employees and we are working together instead of working for someone. It really creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding and gives us the possibility to work the way we want. I know that Jarek has business goals, but his goals are also to create a better workplace and allow us to work the best way we can. Another thing that builds the culture here at Skyrise is the type of people who work here. I don’t know how it happens, but we all have a common characteristic of wanting to create something good. What I mean by that is high quality solutions both when it comes to how they work and how they are done.

Hanna: So would you say that the company is very people-based?

Przemek: Yes, definitely. And I really like working with the people here. I could go on vacation with pretty much any random person from this company and I know it would be great.

Hanna: How do you see Skyrise developing in the future?

Przemek: We are growing quite rapidly at the moment, and for me personally it is extremely important not to lose what we have. I would like the company to continue to hire people in the spirit that we have now. I would like to continue to grow, while maintaining the culture of the work, getting better at what we do, but also staying the way we are. Technically, I believe we will continue to expand our field of expertise while maintaining the focus on ITS solutions – at least in the upcoming years. AI is probably something that will get much more focus, and will become more important in specific implementations. Of course, it is not easy to guess what will happen.  IT is constantly developing, so who knows what revolution is around the corner. Whatever it will be, we’ll be a part of it.

Hanna: What would you say to someone who’s considering working at Skyrise, but is still unsure?

Przemek: We are very welcoming and understanding. We all learn from each other; we understand that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and we are not judgmental here. We work together to get better. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s a great place to work or start an internship. All the people here are eager to help each other and bring out the best in other people. We are professionals achieving goals, but at the same time people who want to spend great time together.

Hanna: Thank you very much!

I hope this series has been informative and maybe even inspiring! Does Skyrise sound like a place you would like to work at? Do you think you’d be good fit? If you like working on interesting projects in a creative environment, using modern technologies on a daily basis, or would like to learn more from our amazing team as an intern, feel free to contact us! We regularly have new positions to fill and are open to welcoming new members on our team. For more information, click here to check out the dedicated jobs page and available offers. We look forward to hearing from you!