The Web Summit in Lisbon gathered 70k+ attendees this year


Jarosław Pilarczyk
Jarosław Pilarczyk
An IT leader running multiple enterprises for over 10 years. Seeing the bigger picture is his routine. In his spare time, he supports the Software Craftsmanship Silesia Group initiative and is a passionate wakeboarder.

This year’s Web Summit gathered over 70k participants in Lisbon, which is once again an increase compared to last year. The scale of the event was truly impressive – looking at the main stage you felt almost as if you were attending  a rock concert, and there were about a dozen other stages to see as well. While safety measures were taken very seriously, and there were hundreds of volunteers making sure everything went as smoothly as possible, the size of the event still created a lot of challenges for the attendees. The metro was crowded, there were columns of people waiting to enter, and long lines to get something to eat. Unfortunately, there also wasn’t enough space to participate in the most interesting speeches, and while there was streaming provided, it was not what you would expect. Read my opinion which I shared on Medium here.