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Upcoming webinar: The importance of customer experience in last-mile delivery

Learn what your customers need and how to grow your business with a customer-oriented attitude in last-mile delivery. Save your spot for the free webinar!

Customer experience in the last-mile delivery processes affects customer loyalty and company revenue. With a customer-oriented approach and a strong focus on customer experience, you will gain loyal customers and bigger market shares.

We invite you to join our free webinar to learn about:
👉How Amazon, InPost, and DHL create market-beating CX and why Amazon prioritizes this above all else?
👉 What are the benefits of investing effort in Customer Experience?
👉 Which tech solutions can help to grow your business and gain loyal customers? 

Based on the real-life examples and the experience of our hosts, we will find patterns that build success in the last-mile delivery.

The hosts:

  • Marek Różycki, former VP Amazon Logistics Europe
  • Ian Kerr, CEO at The Postal Hub
  • Maciej Lukas, Strategic Growth Manager at


  1. How the claims process affects customer experience and …customer loyalty?
  2. Examples of best in class behavior in the last mile (post-pandemic issues, trends)
  3. case study and learnings: how incorporating CX design process into the support & claims system of one of our customers had radically changed the experience of thousands of users every day
  4. Benefits of investing effort in CX
  5. Q&A from attendees

Don’t miss the event! Save your free seat now (places are limited)!

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